Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sheep in Designer Clothing

Now, I'm not political and I can't even vote. But I was watching Erin doing research on some of the candidates and when she got to Sarah Palin I took a double take. I'm pretty sure she is a Serta Sheep in designer clothing. I mean look at how similar we look.

Sarah Palin (Left) and D.J. (Right)
I know people say she is hot but I didn't realize she was Serta Sheep hot until I actually saw a picture of her. If she wins I'm pretty sure she will be the first Serta Sheep in the White House. And even is she doesn't win I think I have a good chance in 2012. I'll have to work on my issues. I think it will go something like this: A bail a hay in every manger and dental care for every sheep. So get ready for D.J. for President in 2012!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Boobies for Bloggers

As a nurse I've found the breast health is very essential.  So today I remind you to go to Boobies for Bloggers (click the title or the side bar) and submit your photo or donate to the cause.  Here is the image I'm submitting this year!
Just look at those eyes, so pretty!!

Besides supporting the cause I find it very important to help my patients.  So in the spirit of things I thought I would share some experiences helping check a patient and then teaching the patient the clock face method for self-exams.  The patient requested anonymity, otherwise I don't always make patients walk around with veils on.
Have to check all the way up to the armpit to find all that breast tissue

Ohh pretty!! Shiny and helpful in teaching