Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Presents galore

We went to Erin's home town for Thanksgiving. It was fun. But we decided to make holiday gifts for all the sheep. We wanted to send the one that went the farthest first. Hope you like it Marty and Jeremy! We wrapped it really well because it was going really far. Erin said it was going to drive the post man crazy.

We are great sheep wrappers!
(Names and addresses were smeared to protect the crazies.)

Unfortunately, the Post Office is not open on Thanksgiving so Erin said we would have to wait a day to mail it. So she went to bed and we guarded the package. But we were mugged and tied up.


Erin saved us and found the package. Off to the PO we went. We had to fill out a custom form to mail the package. It was hard. Good thing we had a really nice postal lady help us.

Opposable thumbs might have helped.

We got it all figured out and then we paid for it. Even got a receipt. The postal lady was going to let us ride in the mail cart but other customers came in. So she had to help them. Knew we should have had Jesse guard the door.

OOO...It's like getting a gift for sending one.

Then it was time to go back to Georgia. Iowa is fun but Georgia is where we don't get mugged and stolen every day. We had a present waiting for us in the mailbox. It came "Royal Mail" We must be special. We were so excited. Erin wouldn't let us in the house until we calmed down. She though we might piddle on the carpet.

Ok enough pictures, let's rip this baby open!

Ok FINALLY Erin put the camera down and helped us open the package. Again with those opposable thumb issues. But we got it open!!! I would have used my braces if I had too. And look we got new head gear. Hats for everyone! Well most everyone.

We are very posh sheep now. Just like Marty and Jeremy.

We also got a CD but Erin can't get her Real Player to work. Ug...silly humans. But the gifts are awesome!!! THANKS MARTY AND JEREMY!! The rest of you sheep...Erin says she will get you your hats so you can play in the cold and snow soon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oy vey! This is not OK!

Shalom, shmucks. It’s been awhile since my last post. The reason being that I’ve been working extra hard to make sure that this little pischer, Preston, doesn’t fail out of school.

However, what I am about to tell you is worthy of a post. I’ve been doing some serious research during the days here, since I’ve finished watching all of Preston’s DVDs. I’ve encountered more than one website dedicated to animals that aren’t sheep and I am outraged that there aren’t sites like these for us sheep.

Let me start out with www.petfinder.com. This is an overall decent website. However, no sheep are available for adoption. Therefore, I am giving this site the new “Oy vey! Not OK!” stamp.

The next disgusts me. Head on over to www.cattv.com and you will find a website catered completely to cats. There is event a feature that has little birds, bees, and who knows what other nonsense moving around the page so the cats can “have something to play with.” Well what about us sheep, huh? Where’s the virtual sheers? Oy vey! Not OK!”

And finally we have www.doggiewoggie.com. This is one of the worst sites I have ever seen. Definitely an Oy vey! Not OK!

But all hope is not lost, my friends! Over at www.kiddyhouse.com/Farm/Sheep there is a ton of information about us sheep! Go check it out! OY VEY! WAY OK!

Monday, November 5, 2007

My Interpretation of Christmas

I want to be in a competition too!!! Even though Erin keeps telling me that the Boobie-Thon was not a competition I don’t believe her. Aerin gets all the fun. But not no more! I rounded up the flock & friends, brushed my teeth, and found my best side. That took a while because we all know I am so cute from any angle. And Erin got to snapping. It took a while; you know how Erin gets. But we finally got two golden winners. (We hope.)

We just submitted the following pictures to the blog ‘HOLLYWOOD Where Hot Goes To Die’ at wherehotcomestodie.blogspot.com under The Pets of Christmas Contest. No jokes on the contest name. It is for a very broad range of participants, not all pets. But anyway it is a very good blog if you are interested in a good funny read. I mean next to ours of course.

Hand it over and no one gets melted! The true meaning of Christmas.

MUSH! Come on Jesse, put your back into it!

So what are you guys waiting for? Let’s see what other sheep can come up with. Come on all, start submitting your pictures to the contest. And post them on our blog too, of course. And let’s see who come out on top and who has to pick ass wool out of their teeth from being on the bottom. AND BREAK!