Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow Days, No More

Well, the snow is subsiding and our snowman's diet plan worked. So back to "normal" around here I guess.

My diet plan book will be out late March.
Pre-order yours today online.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas morning!!! You know what that means? That's right, PRESENTS!!! We got another present this year from our good friends Marty and Jeremy who live on the other side of the pond.

ooo...what do you think it is?

It didn't take us long to get the package open. We might not have thumbs but D.J. has razor wire on the teeth. So we ripped it open and LOOK!

Shaun the Sheep! Our favorite!

Erin told us that we could watch it right away. It was perfect because we were getting a little cabin fever from all the snow. It is still really bad here. But now we have something to do to pass the time instead of just watching Erin "work." So we got some pop and popcorn and put the DVD in. Which was an even bigger treat because Erin normally doesn't let us have popcorn on account of D.J.

Next year D.J. needs a popcorn snorkel for Christmas.

Ya!!!! Shaun!!!!

THANK YOU, Marty and Jeremy. We really really REALLY love your gift. And you saved Christmas for us. You see Erin ordered our Christmas presents and yours a long long time ago but on account of the weather the UPS guy can't deliever it. :( Erin is rather unhappy about it. She calls them daily about it. They won't even let her come and pick it up. But she says as soon as it comes we can redirect it to you guys in the UK. Anyway, we hope it doesn't spoil your Christmas. Merry Christmas, Marty, Jeremy and everyone else that reads the blog. We are expecting great adventures in the year 2009.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Day - Day 5

Day 5 - Erin lost it. I think we made her snap. She got bundled up this morning, told us to stay, and walked out the door. She was gone for an awfully long time. But she finally came back with her coat off and sweating. She had with her some "essentials." Apparently she walked to the grocery store...and a few other places.

Ice cream, celery, and 6 packs of gum...we need to talk to Erin about what essentials are.

Erin also took some pictures to show us why we can't go out side.

No this is not a parking lot this is a road with abandoned cars.
Erin said it is probably people that can't get up the hill.

Winter Wonderland

Erin dropped her Starbucks in the snow.
I knew I smelled hot chocolate on her breath!

Snowman on Day 5

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Day Update

It's day 4 of the Seattle Snow Days. Supplies are running low. I'm trying to keep the sheep in good spirits but they have decreed that it is every sheep for themselves. I have had to separated them; as I found Jesse trying to gnaw on D.J.'s leg earlier today. Chris is worried about dying of dysentery before we can dig ourselves out. Jesse had acquired a British accented and keeps saying, "Please, Sir, can I have some more?" While D.J. made a crutch and hobbling around muttering about Scrooge. If this keeps up I'm going to have to revoke all book and computer game privileges from the sheep until they snap out of their cabin fevers. In related news, the snowman had started to get snowed in himself.

"I swear, whatever I do I just keep gaining weight.
I'm going on a diet as soon as the holidays are over."

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Day!

The other morning when we woke up the first thing we saw was the big fluffy snowflakes coming down. And a snow day was born! It was our first snow day and I was so excited. Erin went and showed us how much snow we got.

Seven inches of heaven

Erin said she had to work from home and told us to go play. Jesse didn't want to play and went and hid under the covers.

Brrr...snow is cold! Wake me when its over.

Chris and I decided to build our first snowman. Erin told us how to do it and then pushed us outside. First, you have to make the butt. So I got to make the snowman's butt...hehe...

Rolling the bottom

Chris made the belly. I said it should be a large belly like Santa. But Erin warned us about making it too big that we couldn't pick up and stack the balls.

Don't forget the head.

But we got it done. We got pretty dirty. Chris got smashed under the head for a second but we got the head on and even gave him an face.

"It's Alive!!!...well, kind of"

Ok, just a few more touches. Hope Erin didn't want her socks. They make better scarfs anyway.

Cheese!...ok it's cold. Let's go back inside.

Ya! All done! Maybe next time we will make a Snowsheep.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

How to make Thanksgiving dinner 101

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner is not an easy feat. So we put together some easy directions to make sure your Thanksgiving goes off without a hitch.

Step 1) The Hunt

You need to go 0ut and find a turkey in its natural habitat. It's important to sneak up on it as not to startle the poor thing. Be prepared to wrestle it to the ground if it has a bit of a kick.

Shhh...don't scare the little fella

Step 2) Preparing

After you hog tie the turkey (we don't want it to wriggle away), you need to prepare it. First and foremost don't forget the stuffing, you can also put lots of goodies in the pan. This will help add flavor.

Step 3) Cooking

They say you should cook a turkey a half hour for every pound. But we say cook it until its wool catches fire and falls off. That will seer in the juices and make it nice and moist for eating.

Quick, shove it in before Erin catches us!

Step 4) Eat

Eat the turkey with lots of good food and friends. Gobble Gobble!

We're thankful for all the Doritos D.J. ate this year.

The End...

Ok D.J. gets to eat first because D.J. was "playing" the role of the turkey and because we got blackmailed. It was either D.J. eats first or Erin learns how the little sheep's bottom got blackened.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Road Trip!

Whew, what a whirlwind, the first half of October I was on the road - 6 Big Ten campuses in 8 days. First I went to Michigan State. I got to tailgate and see the band. I tried to play tuba.

Oops, wrong end…let’s try that again.

Maybe next year I’ll have it figured out and be good enough to actually make the band.

Check out this Harley! I think I need some sunglasses to keep glare and bugs out of my eyes, and a leather jacket to keep my fur from getting nappy and my bones in tact in case I crash. Maybe I should take a driving lesson. Oh, and insurance is a must, I wonder if Gieco is so easy a sheep can do it???

The next weekend, I got to go on a Mini Big Ten Road Trip. I went to FIVE schools in one weekend.

First I went to Illinois, I got into the bottom of the press box and got stuck in some dried corn. I tried to go upstairs, but there was some homecoming event for big-wig donors who were probably actually Illinois fans. Phooey.

The next day I went to Indiana.

The Iowa band was there too. Tailgating wasn’t as fun this week and I had to stay in the car because I didn’t have a ticket to the game. At least the Hawks won.

Next stop of the day was West Lafayette. Purdue’s press box looks an awful lot like Iowa’s…

They wouldn’t let me upstairs either, something about a wedding or something else equally silly.

After the stadium, we went to Harry’s Chocolate Shop, it’s listed as the best grub at Purdue, according to the book Big Ten Country. No chocolate there, not even shakes, just a bar with burgers and pizza. What a misnomer.

The next day, Sunday, was the Chicago Marathon. I didn’t run it, but I watched part of it. While 10,000+ saps were running 26.2 miles I was exploring Chicago!

First I saw the giant bean.

Then I was going to look at the WIRED exhibition, but the sign outside said there were sheep at work. Since I do enough work during the week, I didn’t want to get confused as part of the help. I took some pictures, then high tailed it out of there.

I went to lunch at the British pub Elephant and Castle. They had some strange art on the wall.

After the marathon ended, we went to Northwestern. We couldn’t get in their stadium at all.

That made four stadiums in two days, but I wanted to get ONE more, so after the long car ride back, I went over to Kinnick.

I couldn’t get in the press box there either, but at last my Big Ten whirl-wind mini tour had ended.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sheep in Designer Clothing

Now, I'm not political and I can't even vote. But I was watching Erin doing research on some of the candidates and when she got to Sarah Palin I took a double take. I'm pretty sure she is a Serta Sheep in designer clothing. I mean look at how similar we look.

Sarah Palin (Left) and D.J. (Right)
I know people say she is hot but I didn't realize she was Serta Sheep hot until I actually saw a picture of her. If she wins I'm pretty sure she will be the first Serta Sheep in the White House. And even is she doesn't win I think I have a good chance in 2012. I'll have to work on my issues. I think it will go something like this: A bail a hay in every manger and dental care for every sheep. So get ready for D.J. for President in 2012!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Boobies for Bloggers

As a nurse I've found the breast health is very essential.  So today I remind you to go to Boobies for Bloggers (click the title or the side bar) and submit your photo or donate to the cause.  Here is the image I'm submitting this year!
Just look at those eyes, so pretty!!

Besides supporting the cause I find it very important to help my patients.  So in the spirit of things I thought I would share some experiences helping check a patient and then teaching the patient the clock face method for self-exams.  The patient requested anonymity, otherwise I don't always make patients walk around with veils on.
Have to check all the way up to the armpit to find all that breast tissue

Ohh pretty!! Shiny and helpful in teaching

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saving a Life

*** Warning Graphic Content Follows, Not for the Queasy ***

So I am totally loving my new job as a nurse. Screw helping out Justin he can learn to sail his own ship, he most certainly doesn't need my help. Truly just think about all those more deserving people out there. Maybe if Congress can't save healthcare the Serta Sheep can.

P.S. Congress, I don't do numbers beyond counting, so that banking thing, you're on your own.

Now to the all important story, I would like you to meet a favorite patient of mine. He likes to go by Froggy.

Mr. Froggy, very sweet and gentle

Despite being very sweet and gentle, it seems Mr. Froggy has been abused in the past. Many of his wounds have healed, but he still needed some medical attention. Those decubitus ulcers just don't heal well.

Let's not talk about the smell, ok?

It may not be a pretty picture, but if I do say so myself I'm a good nurse. I even follow all the steps.
Inspection is critical to wound care

Wound care is a complicated process
I believe this process helps everything stay together

Now for the all important part, getting the wound finally closed
Who knew nurses could be so skilled at sewing

And Froggy is all put back together, no more decubitus ulcer

Wow aren't we a happy pair. Froggy is doing quite well and I think he is completely healed. As much as I love Froggy lets hope we never see him back at the hospital again.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Betting the Ponies

Erin, DJ, and I met up with Erin's family for a little family outing. Erin got to decide where we were going and she said she really wanted to hang out in an open place where she could run away if the family got too much. I didn't know where we were going but I was really excited because Erin always picks really great places to go. So we all piled into the car. Erin's dad's driving was scary.

I'll walk, really. Just let me out here.

We finally made it! And Erin's mom volunteered (or was volunteered) to give us a ride. She was was much better at it.

O this is much better.

we got to see where we were going. It was the race track! And Erin said we got to make bets with her help. And we got to see all the ponies! Erin said we could look but we couldn't take any of them home. I don't know why. Erin had a horse when she was little so we should get one too. We promise to feed him. Pllleeeasssseeee

I want to take one home. Why can't I have a pony.

Ok time to get down to business. If she won't get us one maybe we could win one. Let see who looks fast. O Jelly Roll Journey seems like a winner to me. At least all my jelly roll journeys turn out great.

Ooo...Jelly Roll Journey sounds fast.

But we got to the counter to place the bet and we didn't know Jelly Roll Journey's number. And we needed that to place our bets. Erin told us we had to pick a number if we wanted to place a bet. We didn't have time to go back and look up our horse's number. So we put our heads together and guessed 5. Well we got our ticket for horse 5 and found out that #5 was Splashof Panache. Jelly Roll was number 3. Erin said that Splashof Panache was probably a better bet. But we'll see.

Come on Splashof Panache! Move your Ass!

We were screaming when the horses turned the corner. It was a big deal. We were going to get a new pony. And it worked great, because we won! Our horse came in first!!! WE WIN!!!

Ya we win!

Let's go get our pony. Erin told us that we didn't win the pony that came in we won money. So we went to get our money and then the next step is to buy a pony. OOO...look at all the shinies! This has to be enough for a pony.

Look, we won shines!

But Erin said that our winnings wouldn't even buy a bail of hay for a horse. What a Debbie Downer. But then she said we could get a large ice cream cone. So everything was great. And even though we couldn't fill our pony's tummy ours were happy. Let's go again!!!