Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sick Day

Today we woke up and everyone was sick. Erin had an ear ache and we had swine flu. Well we thought we had swine flu but Erin said we didn't even have the flu. She said we got the chicken pox. Apparently, that stupid Easter egg got us sick. It is so itchy!! But Erin says we can't scratch or we will make it worse. So we are trying to to lay around and not scratch.


But it is so HARD!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tulip Festival

Today we took a spur of the moment outing, since it was such a nice day. Erin took us all to the tulip festival. Normally, I like to sit inside but I always liked flowers. We drove an awfully long way. And when were "got there" we didn't see any tulips. We had to go out looking for them.

I found some!

D.J. blends in well with those dandelions. Always knew he was a little weed. But eventually we did find the tulips. They were all different colors. They were very pretty.

You can call us Flower if you want...

I liked the pink flowers the most. I think they go well with my eyes. I just hope my allergies don't kick in.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Yeah, Easter! We woke up this morning to learn that the Easter Bunny had showed up. He came and took our eggs out of the refrigerator and let they lay around the house. Now, when we leave our food lay around Erin gets mad. But somehow she didn't seem upset that a random rabbit (who could have rabies) broke into our home, ransacked our fridge, and then colored on and let food lay all over. I just don't get her sometimes. Some days I just don't understand Erin. But she said it was supposed to be fun to go round up the eggs. I thought it sounded like work but the other lambs seemed excited about it. So here we go...

D.J. found the first colorful egg. However, the little lamb didn't really understand the concept the first.
Shhh...I'm hiding with the egg.

After Erin did a little more explaining that we were supposed to find and collect the most eggs to be the winner we all were a little more on track. Chris found the next one. It was a little gruesome.

This is your brain...this is your brain on too much Easter Candy...questions?

Ok, so far the score is D.J. - 1, Chris -1, Me -0. And, honestly, I was ok with that. I saw what finding an egg was doing to the other sheep mentally. I figured I would just stand in the hallway and not look. But then I found one.

I found one...I found one!!!

All tied up. Erin was right, this was fun! O but please, don't tell Erin I said she was right. You know how she gets.

D.J. found the next egg in the light that Erin calls, "The bad 80's porn light fixture." D. J. was a little worried becuase the the egg looked like it had caught something.

Um this egg isn't looking so well.

Erin explained the the egg had the chicken pox, a very infectious disease. But you can only get it once and it was best for the egg to get it now. Erin said it is a lot more painful if you get it when your older instead of younger.

At that point we got distracted because I spotted another egg.

I didn't do it. It was cracked when I got here.

Well I got a little dirty in that one. But I tied up with D.J. so it was worth it.

D.J. - 2
Chris - 1
Me - 2

Scratch that...

This one is already in a basket.

All tied up at 2. Erin said there was only one egg left to find. So it all came down to the last egg. We tore up the place looking for it. Then all at once we all found it on the keyboard.

I was wondering why I could hear that constant note.

Erin said we were all winners because we all found 3 eggs. Yeah, I'm a winner!

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Winter Break Vacation - Part 4

Look what I found in Orlando!
Macy’s left a shopping bag for me in the hotel room. Woo hoo!

I went to my very first Waffle House. I ordered eggs, toast and smothered, covered hash browns. Yum.

I walked outside the Waffle House and look who I found?

Don’t worry about mattress sales, if you lose your job, you can come hang out with us!

Last stop on our way out of Florida, and I almost get eaten. Let me out of this state before I become some Alligator’s dinner!!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Winter Break Vacation - Part 3

Finally we got to Florida! First thing on the agenda was a trip to NASA.

This is an exhibit explaining how the shuttle launch works.

A picture of the NASA assembly building taken from the bus. Pretty artistic if I do say so myself!

In the Apollo building on the tour, a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark!

I got to touch a moon rock!

Models of Mars Rovers! This picture is for Erin, Justin, Kris, Jamie, and Mikey.

I wanted to go on the Shuttle Launch Experience, but the lady running it said I was just a little too short.

So instead I had to hang out in a locker while everybody else went. What am I? A high school freshman?

Hey, speaking of; look at where this locker was made: Arlington Heights, IL. That IS where I went to High School!

You know what? I don’t need your stinkin’ ride. I’ll just get my very own shuttle. How ‘bout THEM apples?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Winter Break Vacation - Part 2

After we learned about the possible homicide in Louisville, we hightailed it out of there! Next up was Atlanta! I had seen where Chris and DJ had been in Atlanta and wanted to see the sites for myself!

First I went to CNN, no pictures allowed inside, so this was it until the gift shop.

Me and Anderson Cooper are buddies!

Next up was World of Coke.

Here I’m helping John Pemberton make the first batches of Coca Cola.

Then I got to observe the bottling process. This is a poster explaining how it’s done.

On the way upstairs, some guy stopped me to explain why I should adopt a Polar Bear. Can I Beth? I promise I’ll take good care of him!

Then there was a 4D movie about how people enjoy Coke all over the world. I’m wearing my 3D glasses and standing on a dot on the carpet to make sure I get a seat in the theatre.

Finally we were in the tasting room. I tried alllllll the flavors. Chris and DJ were right, Beverly was GROSS!

At the end of the tour we each get our very own glass bottle of Coke. I was so excited I ended up getting stuck on the conveyor belt.

When we were done at World of Coke, we headed over to “The Varsity” drive-in diner. Three Atlanta dogs and onion rings before we headed on to Florida. The guy who brought our food wanted to be in the picture too. Yum!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Winter Break Vacation - Part 1

After Christmas, I got to go on vacation. There were lots of fun places to visit, but I only have time to tell you about a few of them at a time. The end destination was Florida, but we stopped lots of places along the way. First stop was Louisville, Kentucky for famous Hot Brown Sandwiches and a little of the Louisville Slugger Factory.

Outside the factory. Babe Ruth had a Louisville Slugger.

There’s a GIANT bat outside the museum! Unfortunately, the factory part is closed between Christmas and New Years, so we didn’t get to see them actually making bats.

So I stepped up to the plate in the gift shop, instead.

The Slugger factory just happens to be on one of the “Great Streets in America.” I knew that because I read the article for class last semester.

This guy was across from the sign. I still don’t know what he’s looking at.

Hmm, two doors down from the “Great Streets” sign, there’s police tape. Maybe my bronze friend was looking AWAY from that.

After asking around, and seeing various police teams all over the place, we hear that it’s possibly a homicide. Maybe this street wasn’t so great after all.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Marty and Jeremy are Moving!

We interrupt our "normal" blogging for this special bulletin. Marty and Jeremy have announced that they are moving. Now, to reduce the confusion for those simple sheep out there, they are not physically moving. They are merely changing their web address to So please, remember to change your bookmarks, or like always, select their lovely faces in the top right of this blog. That is all.

We can help. We know all about moving.

Now back to your "regularly" scheduled blogging...if all the sheep would stop having so much fun and actually post something once in a while. You know who you are. Well maybe you don't but that can be fixed with drugs now a days...I think.