Saturday, July 30, 2011

Where Have All the Sheep Gone?

I didn't want to post twice in a row, being the new guy and all, but it's been seven months so I thought it might be forgiven. My new human has learned quite the "adorable" sheep talk and runs around with me yelling "Ba! Ba! Ba!". I'm also in competition with a couple of others for top sheep around here.:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sheep Christmas

I am settling in nicely in my new home. We went to the North Pole to see how the elves live and I was forced to help in the mailroom:

As soon as they gave me a coffee break, I was out of there! I scurried back to my nice cozy new home and the next thing I knew, Erin, DJ and Chris were back. At first I was worried that they were going to take me back to Seattle, but then they explained that Erin is related to the family I live with and they get together a couple of times a year. Whew! I'm liking all the snow here and all the toys make downtime fun.


I don't know if that compartment is 5-star safety rated

How does this steering wheel work?


Not a baby toy, but still fun

I think they were a little jealous of all the fun I have here!

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Finn!!

Hi everybody, my name is Finn Puxley and I am the newest member of the herd. Recently I saw the movie Toy Story 3 and I'm not too proud to admit it, the scenes of the day care really scared me. So I got myself on eBay and after a harrowing 7 days I was finally "won" - packed carefully in a box and mailed to Seattle. Ooh, Seattle, I thought, visions of raincoats and umbrellas and muddy boots floating through my head.

But when the box was unpacked, I realized that there must be some mistake. No kids in sight! Only three other sheep, and one of them had a horrible burn on his chin. Just when I thought that I must have ended up somewhere worse than a daycare, Erin came home from work and scolded the sheep for opening her mail and then explained that my journey wasn't over yet. She shoved me, DJ and Sheepy in a bag and we flew back to the Midwest as carry-on luggage. Then we drove in a car for a long time. I was beginning to get worried. This was more than I bargained for. When she finally took me out of the bag she told me to say goodbye to Sheepy and DJ then she stuck me in an even tinier and far less comfortable bag. Oh, what torture was waiting for me next?

It turned out, I was finally going to meet my new owner. Perhaps I was a bit hasty in choosing one because it turns out he is quite young:

Maybe too young:

But then I found out he is what they call a "fluff butt" and my faith has been restored. He's already taken me to meet Santa and promises that we will go other fun places very soon.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

The costume parade was not the only thing we did this year to celebrate Halloween. This year Erin said we could have friends over and carve pumpkins. We were very excited. Especially DJ who always want to play with knives. So we gathered up some pumpkins and friends and got to work.

Ooo so many to choose from.

We each picked a pumpkin and started gutting. D.J. dug right in. Erin said she should have made us wear our rain coats. We got a little messy. Jesse saw the mess and decided that holding the pumpkin was just as good as carving it.


Erin made us sort the seeds from the pumpkin slim. She said she would bake the seeds for us later. I estimate that we got 9 cups of pumpkin seeds! We will be eating them for the rest of our lives!

I decided to carve a traditional Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween. They are my favorite. Erin helped me.
A little more off the side...and perfect!

D.J. wanted to do something a little more modern. So out came a stencil, a knife, and Paul, who helped D.J. with a Felix the Cat. It come out really well. But don't tell D.J. that, or we'll never hear the end of it.

D.J. I think that knife is a little big for detail work.

And Jesse, well...Jesse just held the pumpkin, saying something like, "pumpkins need love, too."

It's okay pumpkin, I won't hurt you.

I think Jesse needs a vacations. Too much work. Eventually we figured out that Jesse just didn't want to get dirty nor play with knives. Which is okay. We had plenty of friends around to help carve. And the results were awesome!

Happy Halloween!

In the end we had 7 pumpkins carved. For some reason Erin said we couldn't play with knives by ourselves. So from left to right is the names of the humans that helped us on each pumpkin: Erin (owl), Angela (spider), Savita (small pumpkin), Erin (traditional), Vijay (Trick-or-Treat), Paul (cat), and Amol (undetermined). Thanks everyone!

On a sadder note, this year while carving pumpkins I got injured. I was playing with the candles and got burnt. But it is a good lesson learned to be careful around the holiday times. Because being injured is no fun. Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

2010 Halloween Costume Parade Roster

Another great parade has come to an end. With 19 entries, it really was a great one. We would like to thank all the entries once again for taking the time and sending us your wonderful pictures in costume. We has been fun, and we hope all our participants and readers did too. Here is the final rosters for the 2010 Halloween Costume Parade:

1 - Shaun the Sheep as Little Bo Peep

2 - Quinn as a Traffic Engineer Intern

3 - Riley as an Important Doctor

4 - Franklin as Lady Gaga

5 - Aerin as Tarzan

6 - G. Raffe is a Winter Princess

7 - Sammy as Bathtime Ducky

8 - Broar as Santa Claus (Kerstman)

9 - Baxter as a Pirate

10 - D.J. as a Sock Monkey

11 - Andi as a Beach Bum

12 - Taylor as The Great Gazoo

13 - Jolly Mäh as Magician

14 - Chris as Lady Liberty

15 - Pink Bear as a Fairy

16 - Hawkeye as Makkuro Kurosuke

17 - Heart as a Bride

18 - Jesse as Robin Hood

19 - Val as a Bus Driver

What a wonderful and unique set of costumes. Did you have any favorites? We know we had about 19! But then we might be a little biased. ;) Let us know what you think.

If you missed this year's parade, don't worry. We will have another one next year. And you can even send you picture in now! That's right. You can send a picture of you plush therapy buddy in costume to Sheep. 4225SC @ gmail .com from now until October 1, 2011. We'll be happy to hold on to it and make a special place for it in next year's parade. Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beep Beep!

Val as a Bus Driver

Val is bringing up the end of the Halloween Costume Parade as a Bus Driver. We're not entirely sure what school Val will drop you off at if you get in...but then again, we're not sure if Val knows either. We appreciate you taking the time to be in the parade this weekend and picking up any parade stragglers as you finish off the route. Thanks Val!

Val's favorite movie is Ernest Scared Stupid. One of those movies that makes you feel better about yourself.