Sunday, August 31, 2008

Franklin Goes to the Mountains

Howdy Y'all! I've been busy tending to the flock back here in Iowa, but John managed to wrangle me away with him for a trip to the Rocky Mountains. We had a darned good 'ole time, and I even learned how to navigate through the big city of Denver. We stayed in the the city with John's friends Brent and Alex. They were real nice folks.

Here I am on Lookout Mountain, a fur piece from home, but a dandy of a view.

John got to go to the Denver Zoo and take some pictures of your cousins.

I dunno why they wouldn't let dogs in the zoo! Not fair at all if you ask me!

See y'all later!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Little Nephew

It was all making sense now. We needed to get a bath because we had a big event coming up. Erin took us to see her new little nephew. I guess I could handle a bath for that. So we got packed and on the plane we went. We took a red eye and got in MN at 5:20am. It was tough, but worth it. We got to see the little nephew. He was really cute but kind of slobbery.

This end seems safer...right?

And then there was a case of mistake identity. Somehow someone thought that we were crib plush animals. I can understand the mistake but that didn't help much. It was really scary. We're not trained for that kind of work. Boy I wish Roger was here to show us how to get out. But luckily Erin saved us. She kept us close by for the rest of the trip.

We know our rights; we want our phone call.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Great Escape

Erin walked in this morning and told us that it was way over due for bath time. With all the traveling, smelly sight seeing, rain, and playing with new slobbery friends, we reeked to high heaven. We hate bath time. So of course we tried to run, but Erin was too smart for us. We had no chance. So into the tub we went. O and Roger got a bath, too. He's an old pro at this stuff.

Everyone think fat thoughts and she won't be able to get us in.

Unfortunately, Erin is also an old pro at this. And she didn't let us sticking out our tummies stop her from getting us in the tub.

I dropped my snorkel. Can I get out now? The water is gross in here.

Ew...the water is so dirty! I don't know how that happen but Erin said we were so dirty we needed to get two baths. Back to back. She was crazy! No way are we going to hang around for that. So when Erin wasn't looking Roger stepped in. He said he knew a way out. Erin had put pillowcases in with us. And Roger knew just want to do with them. He told us to crawl out and tie the pillowcases together. Good thing Erin let the lid up because I said I was afraid of the dark.

Climbing out wasn't so hard. Tying without thumbs was a little more difficult.

Finally, we got our escape route figured out. Roger held the end of the towel while Chris and I climbed out. It was hard being quiet so Erin wouldn't hear us. Normally she is right there as soon as we are being adventurous without her approval. Guess she is loosing her touch.

I can smell the sent of freedom...o maybe that was me...
maybe I do need a bath...nope, I'm good.

We climbed down; but before Roger could tie the sheets to the washer agitator and repel down it was too late. Erin had been standing there the whole time. She said it was a nice effort but that we weren't getting out of it. We needed to be clean. And we would be happier sheep when it was all said and done. But did we really need to go on the rack?

Haha...rack of lamb...very funny...
get us down before someone gets any ideas!

The drying rack is so embarrassing. Not only is it not comfortable but we end up hanging our butts out the window so we dry. But I must admit...I am really clean and nice smelling now. But don't tell Erin. I don't want her getting any ideas about doing this again.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Golden Beast

We were invited to go visit Erin's friends in Seattle. Erin said they would feed us so we were very excited to go.

O they have a puppy. Maybe he isn't corrupted yet.

What's that? You have something to tell me?

Ouch...let go!

Chris, play dead and he will let you alone.

When she said they would feed us, I thought she meant give us food not be food.

Chris, no!!!!


O ok, this is much more our style. Thanks Erin.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Going for the Gold

Ok, so I know it’s been ages since I’ve written – I thought I was going to get a vacation once I got Beth to graduate, but nooooo, she decided to go right to grad school, no vacation, no job, no income, what I thought was going to be live on easy street just turned into more work for me. I thought when I stopped working at Serta I’d get to sleep at night. How was I supposed to know when Erin recruited me that I’d sleep even less?

I finally decided enough was enough; it’s summer, summer session is over, fall semester hasn’t started yet, I was going to take some well deserved time to watch the Olympics. So far I’ve seen some women’s beach volleyball, men’s and women’s team gymnastics and LOTS of swimming. I think it would be really cool to train for the Olympics, so far, all I can tell is that Michael Phelps and I have completely opposite body types. He’s just over 6’, I’m just over 6”. He’s got muscular arms and a six pack, I’ve got noodle arms and a keg shaped body. I think the real deciding factor in my Olympian status is not my body type or ability, but if I can afford one of those special speedy swim suits...anybody know if they make one that's actually self propelled?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ya Yellowstone!

So when I woke up we were at Yellowstone National Park's gates. Erin was paying and the gate guy said that it was snowing but it should be fine when we got father into the park. There was no snow outside of the park so Erin said it shouldn't be too bad inside. We gave D.J. the camera and we were off! I really wanted to see all the cool things. The second we were in the park it was a blizzard. There was 8 feet of snow on either side of the road. And then there was a bison coming right at us! I don't want to play chicken with a bison! But he walked by and D.J. got his first (and last) shot off. Nice Buffalo but D.J.

See what happens when DJ runs the camera?

Pretty soon Erin stopped and said we were at our first "attraction." We hoped out of the car and saw this big pit of bubbling stuff. It looked gross. I went back in the car. I didn't want to get pushed in by any of the other sheep.

I rode in a car for how long to see this pool of bubbling...what is this?

Then Erin drove for a long time and found out the road was closed. Apparently the park was particularly closed. We followed our path back and then Erin stopped again. This waterfall was really cool but kind of gross looking. We must have came during the gross season.

Ooo...this is Gibson Falls the sign says. Let's go over it in an raft.

The weather was getting bad but we insisted that we see Old Faithful! So Erin said she would keep driving. And then finally we found it. But it was really wet and snowy. And we didn't know when Old Faithful would blow. So I stayed in the car and sent the other sheep to investigate.

We found it! But its late and snowing. :( But we found it!

Good thing too. DJ and Chris were really wet. Erin said it was too late and too bad out to drive out. So we got snowed in at Old Faithful. Erin had to fork over a small fortune so we could sleep at this hotel right next to the geyser. I got to relax in the nice warm bed while DJ and Chris dried off.

Ew...Erin's shoes smells...let's find higher ground.

Ok, this is better. But now my tummy is getting a little warm.

The next day was beautiful! The snow was covering everything and starting to melt. It was so pretty. Then we saw Faithful blow and on our way.

The Earth is sneezing! Take cover, take cover!!!!

We all were getting a little excited and bouncy in the car. We got to see Old Faithful and next we were going to the sulfur flats. Erin told us to behave but we just couldn't. So then Erin stopped the car AGAIN! She did that a lot to watch foxes and bisons and other things. She told us to get out and read the sign. So we did. And then she told us to behave because if we didn't we would go cliff diving. DJ said that it might be fun but then saw Erin's look. And it wasn't a "This will be fun" look. We were scared. Apparently, they have a lot of unruly sheep in Yellowstone. We behaved after that. But we were still really excited.

We promise to behave! Don't make us go there!

Finally we got to the last spot. We piled out of the car and then ran back in. It was really smelly. Erin said it would be ok. So we got back out. We got our pictures taken and then ran back in the car. Erin can't find the picture now. I think they spontaneously exploded from the smell. But it was really cool.

Ok, we were in this picture I swear. This is scary.

Ok and now we are off on our last leg of our trip to Seattle! I'm having so much fun. I never get to go anywhere and now I get to go everywhere. Blog back soon!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mt. Rushmore

So after hanging out with Erin's family, we mommy-napped Erin's mommy and we stated our drive to Seattle. South Dakota is soo boring! And what is Wall Drug? It is the only thing they advertise in all of South Dakota. Blah! But finally we got through it and got to see Mt. Rushmore! See?

What's the big deal? I don't see any sheep carvings.

Ooo...I'm liking this place even more. You see this dogs! Not for you!

See, how much better this rock would be if it had our faces on it?

After hanging out at Mt. Rushmore and playing in the Black Hills (or getting lost as Mommy calls it) we had to drive across Wyoming. Erin said that she wasn't going to drive this route again. So we get to see Yellowstone too! We were so excited we had to wait until Erin would DJ back into the car. DJ was a little too excited, if you know what I mean.

Driving across Wyoming was a lot more exciting than South Dakota. But it took forever! We had to drive over all these mountains, in the fog. I thought Mommy was going to loose it. Erin didn't seem really happy either. I just closed my eyes and hid under the blanket. When I woke up we were at Yellowstone!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hanging out with Erin's mommy

Once we got out of Iowa City, Erin took us to her parents' home on the other side of the state. We hung out there for a few days. While Erin was out visiting her family and friends I got to hang out with Erin's mom. She's pretty cool. She let me sit in Erin's dad new comfy chair while we watched tv. I even got a blanket. Erin never gives me a blanket. Normally all Erin gives me when we watch tv is an elbow to the face. I got to convince Erin that I need a recliner like this.

aaaa...I'm so comfy.

Then we went out and Erin and her mom showed me the new windmills that they put up everywhere around the town. I wanted to play Don Quixote so I asked Erin's mom to play Sancho Panza and help me get closer. But every time a car came by, Erin's mom ran into the ditch and hid. I think she was scared of cars or something. But Erin told her to stop being such a baby and to hold still so Erin could get a picture of me with the windmills.

"Do you see over yonder, friend Sancho, thirty or forty hulking giants?
I intend to do battle with them and slay them."