Monday, January 25, 2010

What do you mean I'm not your first!?

Erin went home Thanksgiving last year and didn't take us. I know it was a last minute trip so I wasn't too upset. I mean plane tickets are expensive and all. So D.J., Jesse, and I just enjoyed Thanksgiving with each other. It was kind of fun having a sheep holiday without Erin standing there telling us to stop having fun.

But then Erin came back and she wasn't alone! We were so hurt. She left us for a weekend and found another sheep to love. And then she told us that this wasn't a new sheep but that this was her FIRST sheep!

Baa Baa

I must admit I always thought I was Erin's first. And to find out that her first was this little rose cheek, flowing yellow locked, hand stuffed sheep was more than I could handle. AND now she wants him to move in with us just because there is "more room" in the new house. NO SHEEP, I'm sorry there is no room at the house for you! There is a 3 sheep limit at the Sleepy Sheepy Resort and you're not one of them! And this will be your ONLY appearance on the blog. So don't get any ideas about that! How dare you think you can walk back into Erin's life after being out of it for over two decades. No, don't even try to give me "I'm just glad I'm not in a plastic bag in the attic anymore" crap. I'm not hearing it. You sit in the corner and watch yourself buddy! Ya, I'm talking to you!

Humph. Sorry blog readers you had to see that. I'm normally much more composed. O, and just to remind you all that the Sleepy Sheepy Resort loves all visitors and is the kindest most loving place in the world. Have a good day.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

O Tannenbaum

It is so sad that Christmas has come and gone. We had a lot of fun having our first Christmas in our "new" house. My favorite was getting to decorate, especially the tree!

Erin left one day all bundled up and told us to behave. I don't know why she always tell us to behave when she knows us better than that. But we said we would because she promised a big surprise when she got back. A few hours later she pulled up to the house with something bundled to the car. It was a Christmas Tree!

Oooo...look a tree!

We were so excited. I must admit I wanted to go with Erin to pick the tree out and cut it down but no matter. Erin let us put the tree up all by ourselves. I got to cut the extra stump off, Jesse screwed the tree to the stand, and D.J. got in the way.


We drug it into the house and before you could say "holy shepherd" we had the tree all decorated. Erin didn't even get a snap off before we were finished. Of course she says it was because she was too busy cleaning up the carnage we left in the yard from getting the tree off the car and onto the stand. But I stand by she was just too scared to come back into the house.


After all that hard work, Erin told us to get cleaned up for pictures for our Christmas Cards. Of course we haven't sent those out yet. So if you are on our mailing list you might be getting a sneak peek of what our Happy Flag Day Cards will look like. (At least at this point it will take us to Flag Day to get the cards out.)

Our first real Christmas Tree.

But we couldn't stop with a tree. We wanted to have more fun. So we set the table with Erin's Christmas dishes.

We like snowmen.

And we hung the stockings that Erin "borrowed without permission" from her parents' house.

Hanging the rented stockings

While we were doing that, Erin took out her nativity set that her aunt Lori painted when Erin was just a kid. Erin told us not to touch. She acts like we break things.

Ooo..isn't he cute...

And then we took a closer look and ran away. The only thing I asked for Christmas was for Erin to never call this shepherd to sheep sit. That poor sheep. No wonder why there were no other sheep in the scene.

Can't breath...send help

After we called the sheep abuse hot line for that little lamb, we all had a great Christmas. But then just as it started, Erin said it was time to clean up and take the tree down. Which I didn't understand. I thought the tree was going to stay. It seemed nice enough just sitting in the corner, and best of all, it pooped presents! I mean, come on, what is better than a pooping present tree? But Erin said it would dry up and it might burn our house down. Which I think was just an excuse because she is a grinch. I mean she is starting fires all the time just on the other side of the room in the fireplace. I don't see the difference. Atlas, we lost our battle and had to take the tree down.

Heads up!

And of course, that means that Jesse and I had to do all the work because 2 seconds into it D.J. found a shiny bell.


But that's ok. We had a system. I climbed in the tree and dropped all the ornaments down to Jesse below.

Angelic Bombardier

And it worked well because Jesse is good at color, thus a great ornament sorter. Although, Jesse also gets distracted by shiny things, too. So Erin had to step in and help me with the rest.

Ooo shiny

And we all said good bye one last time. And Erin wrestled the tree out of the house. You know I thought that tree was all nice but it didn't go quietly. Erin was right, it was dangerous. It took out our light on the way out. D.J. tried to fix the light but it was no use.

Duct Tape! Stat!

After a vacuum, it was all over.

Voom Voom

Good bye, Christmas. We can't wait for next year. Next year will be better. Next year I'm going to pick out a bigger tree. Because you know, bigger trees poop bigger presents!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lamb Cam

So this morning Taylor was watching CNN (talk about a boring morning ritual). Although this morning it paid off, Jeanne Moos did this interesting report about an artist that puts cameras on animals and makes videos of it.

He even did one of lambs. Now I wonder what we'd see if he put one on D.J.

Anyhow, here is a short clip of it,, the exciting part of it is about 1:00 into the video.

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions

So it took us 4 days but Jesse, Chris and I finally came up with a list of resolutions that we think Erin should work on this year. I know it seems long but Erin has a lot of flaws. So let's get started. Here are top 25 resolutions Erin should do.

Exercise exercising
Play with us more
Practice the stupid piano she bought last year
Read more
Lose weight
Learn to spell
Work on the house
Give us everything we ask for
Write more post
Work harder at work
Make some friends
Spend less money on stupid things (a.k.a. anything that is not for us)
Eat healthier
Give us chocolate
Finish all her sewing and craft projects
Keep the house clean
Get organized
Reduce stress
Wait on us hand and foot
Learn to count
Take us on extravagant trips
Help the us
Spend more time with friends
Love us more

After we showed Erin the list we negotiated. Erin said she would try to refrain from smothering us in our sleep. We agreed that that would work, too. Happy New Year!

Nice pillow...down pillow...

(P.S. Happy Birthday Erin's Mommy!)