Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Aftermath

So after the parade the sheep wanted to get going and get candy. It all seemed like a good idea...

Sheep ready to go Trick - Or - Treating

Until they decided to eat all the candy they got in one sitting. Now they are in a diabetic coma. We hope they snap out of it so they can keep blogging. But we will have to see.

Sheep in diabetic coma

Hope your sheep (dog, dragon, pink teddy bear) got lots of candy because of their great costumes AND that they know better than my sheep and space out the eating of it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This state fair is a great state fair...

I got to go to the New Mexico State Fair! It was really fun, but first they didn't want me to go (see item 2 on the list).

Then they tried to get me to change my insurance to Gieco - 15 minutes and they didn't even save me money!

Once I FINALLY got inside, I saw some crafts, including a carved Mr. Potato Head!

Since I was from the furthest away, they even gave me a coupon for Malt-o-meal. I like the food people! Then, right by the Malt-o-meal people, there was a tractor from home; yay John Deere!

After some tractor riding, I got to play in a puppet show. I sang "I've got no strings," it seemed appropriate.

Next, I went to play in the New Mexico Department of Natural resources building; do you see me?

How 'bout now?

Last, I went to see Old McDonalds Farm.

I got nervous when I saw some future HAMburgers...

Then they tried to keep me!


I decided they were right in the first place, I should have stayed out to begin with and insurance sure would have been a good idea!

Monday, November 2, 2009

All good parades must come to an end!

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for participating in this year's costume parade! We ended up with SEVENTEEN entries (wow!):

1 – D.J. as Shaun the Sheep

2 – Quinn as a member of the Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band

3 – Andi as an Iowa Cheerleader

4 – Scout as Monk from the TV show Monk

5 – Aerin as a Banshee

6 – Chris as a Mummy

7 – Farfner as a Witch

8 – Taylor as a Ghost Buster

9 – Franklin as a Famous French Pastry Chef

10 – Marty as Harry Potter

11 – Jesse as a Soccer Hooligan…I mean Sounder Player

12 – Elliot as Vince “Offer” Shlomi the Sham-Wow guy

13 – Val as H1N1

14 – Riley as a Pirate

15 – Pink Bear as a Witch

16 – Jeremy as a Witchcraft

17 – Shaun the Sheep as D.J.

Now, you have 11 whole months to be thinking what you're going to be for next year. Erin's accepting pictures anytime you have a picture to send in before next year of Halloween. I can't wait!