Thursday, August 27, 2009

Andi and Riley Meet Quinn!

The first day of school brought a nice surprise! Andi and I got to meet Quinn today! We met at the water cool in Seamans Center. Quinn's a pretty cool sheep, and I hope that we get to visit each other often!

Careful Quinn! That's the hot water... Don't burn yourself - burnt wool stinks!

Here Quinn, we'll pull you up...

Wow... we sure were thirsty.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Jenni is so nice! She took Andi and I to Adventureland on Wednesday. I think it was to welcome Andi to the family, but she claims that it was also to take Anja to ride the roller coasters. Either way, it was AWESOME!

I have to admit that I was scared at first, I didn't know if they would let Andi and I in. Jenni snuck us in just to be safe. She even got us a map so that we could pick out some rides to go on!

Andi and I make our plan for total Adventureland domination!

Since we are kind of small, we started out on a kiddie ride to make sure that we (I mean Andi) wouldn't get sick:

Seat belt? They're for losers!

Once we proved ourselves, Jenni agreed to let us on the Silly Silo! Andi almost barfed, but made it. That was a relief to me, do you know how hard it is to clean that out of wool?

Woah... Will the world stop spinning?

Jenni took us out to lunch, which was great! We had french fries!

Careful... I don't want to get my wool greasy or ketchupy.

After lunch, we decided to hit Kokomo Kove. Yeah, it was relaxing. Andi and I didn't want to get our wool wet, so we sunbathed, but only after applying SPF 70 to our wool. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get that stuff off? Ewwwwww! We spent all night in the washer, I mean bath tub!

Andi and I in Florida... I mean Kokomo Kove.

I'm not afraid of heights (really!), but Andi has a touch of height-o-phobia. It took a lot of begging and pleading, but I finally got Andi on the ferris wheel! I was so excited!

See that? The Space Shot? I'm totally going on that next year!

We had fun, and can't wait to go back (with Erin) next year! Jenni wouldn't let us ride on Molly the Trolley, but she did promise us a ride on the train. By the time we were able to convince her that it was time for our train ride, the train broke! The travesty! We did forgive her, but if we don't get to ride it next year, we're going on strike. Yeah! I'm not sure what we'll strike from, but Jenni doesn't need to know that... yet...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Yes! Today was the day! After much anticipation, my sheepy sibling came home! I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself!

Here I am trying to pounce on 3/8!

Are you in there? I'll get you out!

Our first hug.

Oh my! What beautiful green eyes!

I'm trying to convince Jenni that we should name our new sheepy Andy. Isn't that an awesome name? I wanted to name the cute newbie Charley, but Jenni just named her new plant Charley. Silly Jenni!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


We had a very exciting adventure last Wednesday. We went and saw the Seattle Sounders FC play against the FC Barcelona. It was all very exciting but it took FOREVER to get there. I don't know why Erin was driving so slow but it took us 2 hours to get to Qwest field. I think she was holding up traffic. I told her I would drive but she didn't seem to think that was a good idea.

Once we finally got there and parked we had to get to the stadium. It was crazy. There were people everywhere and it was still an hour and a half before the game. But while we were waiting we got our pictures taken in front of this huge soccer ball. I was scared to go in after that. But Erin told me that that was not the ball the players would be using. I was glad because I didn't want to get stepped on my a guy that kicked that ball around.

Run away! Run away!

We finally found our seats. They were awesome. And it was a good thing we came early because the stadium was packed. It was a new record of people that came to watch.

Who's this Jose we are signing about?

It seemed forever before they started the game. We were really excited but Erin was just laughing and drinking. I don't think she was supposed to be doing that because two big security guards came and talked to her. I was so embarrassed because everyone was watching. I can't take Erin anywhere. She is always making a scene. She told me it wasn't that big of deal. That the guards just wanted to make sure she was old enough to have a beer. But I knew better. Chris and I asked her to move down a few rows. But regrettably we were stuck with her. The stadium was full.

Soon the game started and no one was interested in how fullish Erin is. Instead we watched the game. FC Barcelona has very bright colors. I could hardly open my eyes because their jerseys were so blindingly salmon.

I was a little sad because I didn't have a scarf and jersey like everyone else. Everyone looked liked they were right out of a Harry Potter movie. Erin said that the scarfs were important to any true fútbol/soccer fan. She let Chris and I wear her Sounder scarf for a while but it was too big for us. :( Maybe if I'm really good Erin will get us scarfs for next time...unless we have to act like Erin when we wear them. I don't want one if that is the case.

Unfortunately, we lost. the final score was FC Barcelona- 4, Seattle Sounders FC - 0. And then it got embarasing again because Erin kept yelling at the Refs. I don't know what off-sides is but Erin sure thought it was important. Dispite, Erin's embarrassing outburst, Chris and I had a great time. We're hoping to go again sometime soon...but maybe with someone that is not as crazy as Erin. Any takers?

GOOOOOOAALLL!!! O wait, no goal for us.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm getting a sibling!

I am soooooo excited! Today Jenni gave me the big news that I'm getting a sibling! 3/8 will be coming home soon, and Jenni told me that I can help name the new sheepy! I am confused about one thing - I've been around longer, but is 3/8 bigger than me? I want to be the big sheep in the family! Maybe 3/8 will even help me with my plans for world domination! Mu ha ha ha!

Yay! Next time I'll have someone to play with as I travel the world. Someone to help me take over the world!