Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! And no we are not dead. Sorry for the absent posting. We couldn't let Marty and Jeremy have all the fun so we decided to move, too! How fun is that!? You might remember if you read back a few post, Erin was looking to buy a house. And she did and packed all our great stuff in boxes. Now don't worry, the move didn't stop us from having great adventures...we just don't exactly remember which box the camera was packed in. But as soon as we unpack all 29,042 boxes of Erin's crap we will have a slew of back post for you all. We can't wait, hope you can a little longer. Just drink some of that spiked eggnog and enjoy the holidays. That's what we are doing.

We'll help unpack this one!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just ME!

Earlier this year, I went to Portland, Maine! In celebration of this trip, I first took some time to stop and smell the rosehips, a key ingredient in several kinds of tea.

Then I visited Portland Head Light, or PHL as some of the locals call it.

I don't see what the big deal is, looks WAY too small for me; lets see if they've got anything more my size around here...

Success! Just my size!

Seriously though, the scenery was gorgeous. Here is a camera-phone, postcard quality picture that scarcely does it justice.

I'll be heading back to Maine for some camping and more seafood ASAP! Wanna come?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Aftermath

So after the parade the sheep wanted to get going and get candy. It all seemed like a good idea...

Sheep ready to go Trick - Or - Treating

Until they decided to eat all the candy they got in one sitting. Now they are in a diabetic coma. We hope they snap out of it so they can keep blogging. But we will have to see.

Sheep in diabetic coma

Hope your sheep (dog, dragon, pink teddy bear) got lots of candy because of their great costumes AND that they know better than my sheep and space out the eating of it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This state fair is a great state fair...

I got to go to the New Mexico State Fair! It was really fun, but first they didn't want me to go (see item 2 on the list).

Then they tried to get me to change my insurance to Gieco - 15 minutes and they didn't even save me money!

Once I FINALLY got inside, I saw some crafts, including a carved Mr. Potato Head!

Since I was from the furthest away, they even gave me a coupon for Malt-o-meal. I like the food people! Then, right by the Malt-o-meal people, there was a tractor from home; yay John Deere!

After some tractor riding, I got to play in a puppet show. I sang "I've got no strings," it seemed appropriate.

Next, I went to play in the New Mexico Department of Natural resources building; do you see me?

How 'bout now?

Last, I went to see Old McDonalds Farm.

I got nervous when I saw some future HAMburgers...

Then they tried to keep me!


I decided they were right in the first place, I should have stayed out to begin with and insurance sure would have been a good idea!

Monday, November 2, 2009

All good parades must come to an end!

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for participating in this year's costume parade! We ended up with SEVENTEEN entries (wow!):

1 – D.J. as Shaun the Sheep

2 – Quinn as a member of the Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band

3 – Andi as an Iowa Cheerleader

4 – Scout as Monk from the TV show Monk

5 – Aerin as a Banshee

6 – Chris as a Mummy

7 – Farfner as a Witch

8 – Taylor as a Ghost Buster

9 – Franklin as a Famous French Pastry Chef

10 – Marty as Harry Potter

11 – Jesse as a Soccer Hooligan…I mean Sounder Player

12 – Elliot as Vince “Offer” Shlomi the Sham-Wow guy

13 – Val as H1N1

14 – Riley as a Pirate

15 – Pink Bear as a Witch

16 – Jeremy as a Witchcraft

17 – Shaun the Sheep as D.J.

Now, you have 11 whole months to be thinking what you're going to be for next year. Erin's accepting pictures anytime you have a picture to send in before next year of Halloween. I can't wait!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

DJ...or is it?

Shaun the Sheep as D.J.

Shaun the Sheep is bringing us full circle with his costume of our very own D.J., who is going as Shaun the Sheep this year for Halloween. Shaun loves cotton candy ever since the famous episode “Sheep on the Loose" where a younger member of the flock Timmy gets caught in a cotton candy machine and comes out as a big wad of candy. Who wouldn't love that? Thanks Shaun for joining our parade and bringing us back to where it all began.

Lil' Blue Eyes

Jeremy as Witchcraft

Jeremy from Scotland is a big fan of Frank Sinatra, so he dressed up this year as Witchcraft. With this costume, Jeremy is sure no one can resist his blue eyes and they will give him his favorite candy, chocolate covered Brazil nuts. Thanks, Lil' Blue Eyes for jumping the pond and sharing your wonderful costume on the parade and bringing a little culture to the group.

Bewitching Beauty

Pink Bear as a witch

Pink Bear comes from our youngest person to send an entry into this year's costume parade. She is loved by a 5 year old girl and also loves to play dress up. Although Pink Bear loves to dress up in many costumes, this year for Halloween she is going in a classic witch's costume with high hopes to earn lots of snickers, her favorite. You can't beat a classic and we are all sure that Pink Bear and her best friend will get the most candy trick-or-treating. Thanks Pink Bear for stopping by our parade on your route to get lots and lots of treats in Iowa. And we all wish you many more years of love.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ahoy ye matey

Riley the Pirate

Hide your booty, Riley the Pirate is here! That's right, Riley is going to get the biggest stash of treasure of them all: Snickers, Twixs, Milky Ways, Skittles, and Gobstoppers. But the most valuable candy is Smarties. Riley knows that if you eat Smarties, you grow up to be really smart. And Riley wants to be the smartest of them all. Riley, its a pleasure to welcome you to the parade, just remember to mark the spot where you bury all your goodies from trick-or-treating in Iowa this year.

And this little piggy went...

Val as H1N1

Val from Iowa tends to stay in the lab where it is nice and safe. This year Val was convinced to come and join the parade; but only on the condition of being allowed to dress up as the most scariest thing, Swine Flu. So all dressed up, Val is downing the candy of choice to fight off infections diseases, Flintstone vitamins, and is joining the parade! Thanks Val for conquering your fears and joining the parade!


Elliot as Sham-Wow's own Vince "Offer" Shlomi

Our next entry comes all the way from Iowa. Welcome Elliot in this original Vince "Offer" Shlomi costume. Elliot spends most days watching television and wanted to be the "greatest superhero of all time." What is Vince's superpower? Well Elliot explains that it is being on every channel at every minute of every day. That's right, Vince is everywhere and is keeping it clean. WOW! Elliot's favorite candy is Reese's Pieces. Thanks Elliot for interrupting this parade with a special sponsor bulletin.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ole Ole Ole

Jesse as a Seattle Sounders FC Player.

Jesse from Seattle, Washington loves the Seattle Sounders and wanted to go as a Hooligan but was "convinced" to put the pint and scarf down and pick put the shin guards and cleats. Jesse says the best candy in the world is Guiness but was quickly "reminded" that it was in fact root beer barrels. Thanks for not beating up the other entries in the parade, Jesse!


Marty as Harry Potter

Now that I have your attention, let me introduce Marty who is dressed in the finest Harry Potter costume this year. Marty is trick-o-treating in Scotland for the first time, but no worries he has his Cheering Charm all ready to go to make everyone happy to give him lots of candy. And if that doesn't work he can always use "Accio" to snatch his favorite candy, lemon sherbets (just like Professor Dumbledore). Thanks Marty for coming all the way to America to show us your costume!

Bon Appetit!

Franklin as a Chef

Franklin from Iowa is trick-or-treating this year as a famous French pastry chef. His main course is sheep shaped sugar cookie but his most favorite candy is peanut butter twix. Unfortunately, chocolate is not good for growing puppies so he can't eat the twix. Instead, he trains his human, John, by giving him twix whenever he does tricks. Franklin, thanks for joining our parade and passing out the best candy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who you going to call?

Taylor as a Ghost Buster

Taylor from Iowa lives with Aerin and is always trying new ways to get rid of the extra sheep. So this year Taylor is going as a Ghost Buster. Nutroll is Taylor's favorite candy and yet Aerin isn't Taylor's the favorite sheep. Go figure... Thanks Taylor for coming and being in our parade.

Mystical Magic

Fafner as a witch

Fafner from Washington saw all the cleaver, tasty sheep on parade and wanted to join in. This fierce little dragon likes to hang out and play video games all day long. Which led him to want to join a more mystical rank of witch this Halloween. When not playing games, Fafner likes to snack on his favorite candy, red hots. Thanks, Fafner for adding a little sizzle to our parade and double thanks for not eating the other entries.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I want my Mummy

Chris as the Mummy

Chris from Washington got all wrapped up in this Halloween costume and is loving every minute of it. Sheepy's favorite Halloween candy is Candy Corn. Thanks, Chris, for untangling yourself long enough to find your way into the parade!

Not just any ghost

Aerin as a banshee

Aerin from Iowa is sporting the latest line of banshee sheik. Gone are the days of sheets with holes cut in them. This starlet won't be seen in anything but the best as she flies down the runway. Milky Ways are the candy of choice for this fashion forward sheep because Aerin is all about being amongst the stars. Thanks for bringing cutting edge fashion to our parade, Aerin!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monk Madness

Scout as favorite TV personality Monk

This year for Halloween, Scout from Hawaii is going as that OCD detective Monk. Although, solving crime is not Scout's favorite, it is more about the cleanliness. Scout's favorite candy? You guessed it, carrots because they don't melt and don't get sticky. Thanks for keeping it clean on our parade route, Scout!

Go Hawks!

Andi as a Hawkeye Cheerleader

Andi lives very close to Quinn and wants to be just like Quinn when all grown up. So of course when Andi saw Quinn as a member of the Hawkeye Marching Band, Andi just had to be a Hawkeye Cheerleader. Andi's favorite candy is Ramune Whistle Candy which makes noise and helps to get the crowd going wild. Thanks Andi for getting everyone on their feet and cheering for the parade.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Quinn on the Horn

Quinn as part of the Iowa Marching Band

Quinn from the University of Iowa in Iowa is showing the Hawkeye spirit by going as a saxophone player in the college marching band. Quinn's favorite candy of them! Its not a parade without a band; so thank you Quinn for making our parade complete.

Shawn the Sheep!...or is it?

D.J. as Shawn the Sheep

D.J. from Seattle, Washington loves Shawn the Sheep and eating lots of candy even if it gets stuck in all those braces. D.J.'s favorite candy is gummy bears...nummy! Thanks D.J. for coming to the parade and supporting everyone's favorite sheep celebrity!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

1st Annual Costumes on Parade

Welcome to the 1st Annual Halloween Costume Parade! Halloween is just around the corner and with so many creative sheep out there we are going to have a parade of sheep in costume. So kick back and enjoy the fun.

If you would like to participate in the parade, please send entries to Sheep.4225SC (at) Please, only one sheep (or whatever plush animal that provides you with therapy) per picture. And remember to provide explanation of costume if needed, general location, and favorite Halloween Candy.

Let the parade begin!

Sorry Erin...

Beth made you brownies and packaged them up all nice and pretty for you, but then while she was sleeping, I got a little hungry...I'm sorry :-(

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cupcake Royal

(What? You were expecting some words...well words can't describe Cupcake Royal cupcakes. Get your own.)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Boobies Take 3

Hey everyone, despite what you all make think I am still alive. It's been quite the unusual summer for me. Absolutely no work, although that's only because work is such a lost cause that we left him to go jump off the deep end. At this point there is just only so much a sheep can do. So instead I thought I'd deepen my nice pink tan and go to the sea.

It was a good time, but I think I might have to bring someone with me next time. It seems that without opposable thumbs it can be a bit difficult to do things such as apply suntan lotion or tie up swimwear.


Well silly me. But in the end at least I was able to do something good with my gaffe. I submitted my photo to the Boobiethon to help them raise money for breast cancer research. Wow!! did they do a good job this year, raising over $13,000.

I can't wait until next year, good thing I have plenty of time to come up with another idea.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day Outing

I'm so so so tired. It took me 2 weeks just to muster up enough energy to sit at the keyboard and type. I thought Angela was really nice because she drove me to the Day of Caring but now I realize that she is physical activity crazy. I tried to talk with Erin about the company she keeps, but she ignored me, like always.

Here's how the other weekend went down:

We were all talking about going and hanging out on the weekend and Erin wanted to go canoeing and Chris wanted to go hiking. So Angela suggested we compromise and climb a mountain and THEN go canoeing all in ONE afternoon. So we first planned to go climb Rattlesnake Mountain. Ummm...does anyone one else see what could go wrong. I mean sheep and rattlesnakes don't get along very well. And well...while we are on the subject, sheep and mountains don't really get along well either. Do I look like a goat!? But Erin tossed Chris and me in the car and we were off despite my major objections. We picked up Angela and VJ and drove to the mountain.

At the base of the mountain was a map to show you how poorly they planned the trail. Don't they know that the fastest way to get from one point to another is a straight line?

Do you see where the elevator is?

Ok, I must admit climbing the mountain wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We even found some walking sticks and were having a great time.

Bring on Mount Everest!

It was all great until Erin told us that we only walked 2 minutes and it was going to take about 2 hours to get up the mountain and back. She also pointed out that she had carried Chris and I for about a minute and a half of that time. 2 HOURS! forget that. Chris and I made a run for it and made it back to the car. So Angela, VJ, and Erin had to turn back. (Erin scolded us in front of Angela and VJ but then whispered that we would all get an extra scoop of ice cream later.)

So we were off to the go canoeing. Which sounded like a lot of fun. But it soon turned to scary watching those uncoordinated humans try to board the canoe. I didn't even get a life jacket. I just knew we were going to all drown with the lack of balance they all had. It was clear that us sheep would have to take charge. So we sat on the bow and yelled at the humans to tell them when to row.

Row! Row! Row!

I think we could have been on the Olympic rowing team. Well, at least Chris and I could. Those other people should just stick to watching the experts on TV. Of course, Erin soon told us to shut up and just enjoy the view. So we turned around and screamed whenever they got close to rowing into anything.

Watch out for that tree on the left.

Erin said we reminded her of Hyacinth Bucket. And well VJ said he couldn't handle it anymore. And he threatened to throw us overboard. YES HE DID! He is a big meanie. We even got proof this time as Erin was messing with the camera and accidentally put it on video record without realizing it. (Although there isn't much Erin does that she realizes.) Here is the footage of the crime, see for yourselves how mean VJ is.

When we threatened to call the police, VJ got scared. And all of a sudden we found ourselves stranded on a log in the middle of the raging white rapids. The canoe was rowing away really fast and I was got really scared...I mean...Chris was really scared and started to cry. So I yelled at the humans to come back and we would behave.

Come back! We'll be good sheep! PROMISE!

After a little negotiation between us sheep and VJ, we got to come back on board. But we made sure either Erin or Angela was between us and VJ from then on.

We rowed a little furthered and then we made some new friends. Nice friends. The ducks seemed very nice and lazy. They were just floating in the water. Our kind for friends.

Rubber Ducky, your the one...

But by that time we were really really hungry. So we decided to stop canoeing and go eat. We got yummy pizza.


After supper Chris and I ran off to talk while Angela, VJ, and Erin sorted out the bill. We had a long conversation. I mean really long, like a whole minute. We talked about about how Angela was making us do impossible physical activist and how VJ tried to abandoned us on a log. But then we though of how Justin makes us go to the gym. And we remembered that one time when Mikey put me in a ziplock bag and took me to the boob factory. So in reality, these new friends were just as unstable as Erin's other friends. Really it seems that these acts are what human friends do to each other. So I guess Angela and VJ are really good friends. At least good by human standards. But I am still going to hide next time they all talk about us going to play in the wilderness. Humans are crazy.