Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saving a Life

*** Warning Graphic Content Follows, Not for the Queasy ***

So I am totally loving my new job as a nurse. Screw helping out Justin he can learn to sail his own ship, he most certainly doesn't need my help. Truly just think about all those more deserving people out there. Maybe if Congress can't save healthcare the Serta Sheep can.

P.S. Congress, I don't do numbers beyond counting, so that banking thing, you're on your own.

Now to the all important story, I would like you to meet a favorite patient of mine. He likes to go by Froggy.

Mr. Froggy, very sweet and gentle

Despite being very sweet and gentle, it seems Mr. Froggy has been abused in the past. Many of his wounds have healed, but he still needed some medical attention. Those decubitus ulcers just don't heal well.

Let's not talk about the smell, ok?

It may not be a pretty picture, but if I do say so myself I'm a good nurse. I even follow all the steps.
Inspection is critical to wound care

Wound care is a complicated process
I believe this process helps everything stay together

Now for the all important part, getting the wound finally closed
Who knew nurses could be so skilled at sewing

And Froggy is all put back together, no more decubitus ulcer

Wow aren't we a happy pair. Froggy is doing quite well and I think he is completely healed. As much as I love Froggy lets hope we never see him back at the hospital again.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Betting the Ponies

Erin, DJ, and I met up with Erin's family for a little family outing. Erin got to decide where we were going and she said she really wanted to hang out in an open place where she could run away if the family got too much. I didn't know where we were going but I was really excited because Erin always picks really great places to go. So we all piled into the car. Erin's dad's driving was scary.

I'll walk, really. Just let me out here.

We finally made it! And Erin's mom volunteered (or was volunteered) to give us a ride. She was was much better at it.

O this is much better.

we got to see where we were going. It was the race track! And Erin said we got to make bets with her help. And we got to see all the ponies! Erin said we could look but we couldn't take any of them home. I don't know why. Erin had a horse when she was little so we should get one too. We promise to feed him. Pllleeeasssseeee

I want to take one home. Why can't I have a pony.

Ok time to get down to business. If she won't get us one maybe we could win one. Let see who looks fast. O Jelly Roll Journey seems like a winner to me. At least all my jelly roll journeys turn out great.

Ooo...Jelly Roll Journey sounds fast.

But we got to the counter to place the bet and we didn't know Jelly Roll Journey's number. And we needed that to place our bets. Erin told us we had to pick a number if we wanted to place a bet. We didn't have time to go back and look up our horse's number. So we put our heads together and guessed 5. Well we got our ticket for horse 5 and found out that #5 was Splashof Panache. Jelly Roll was number 3. Erin said that Splashof Panache was probably a better bet. But we'll see.

Come on Splashof Panache! Move your Ass!

We were screaming when the horses turned the corner. It was a big deal. We were going to get a new pony. And it worked great, because we won! Our horse came in first!!! WE WIN!!!

Ya we win!

Let's go get our pony. Erin told us that we didn't win the pony that came in we won money. So we went to get our money and then the next step is to buy a pony. OOO...look at all the shinies! This has to be enough for a pony.

Look, we won shines!

But Erin said that our winnings wouldn't even buy a bail of hay for a horse. What a Debbie Downer. But then she said we could get a large ice cream cone. So everything was great. And even though we couldn't fill our pony's tummy ours were happy. Let's go again!!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Congratulations Aerin!!

So as Aerin may have mentioned in some earlier posts, with Justin away so much with medical school it has been a little slow around here. Plus when he is here he just mumbles all this incomprehensible medical jargon. Well being the go-getter that any good Serta sheep is, Aerin decided to get some education so as to better help Justin. For some reason they won't let Sheep into medical school, but they did let Aerin into nursing school. Well after much hard work Aerin has earned her nursing degree.

The happy graduate in cap and tassel

I guess the diploma doesn't come in sheep size either

All ready for work, can't wait to hear those exciting stories

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yeah!! More Friends

So I know what you are thinking, doesn't Aerin always post about new friends.  Well it seems Justin doesn't want us to be bored at home.  It turns out medical school is really busy and he's never here.  Which makes being a therapy support system very difficult, but at least he keeps us entertained while he's away. And no we don't spend all day teasing the dogs, just most of it ;-)

So here are our new friends Chip & Dale.

They are awfully cute, but like to hid in their tree trunk.  It's ok we found a way to get them out

Go Loki Go, get those chipmunks

Ok, so maybe we should be nicer to our friends and then Justin wouldn't have to bring so many home to us.  But at least we have a good diversion to protect us from the dogs.

P.S. No Chipmunks were harmed in the making of this post.  Unfortunately no guarantees are made for the periods after the post.