Saturday, May 29, 2010

Meeting Franklin

A few months ago, Erin went to Dave's place and let us come along. We found out that Dave didn't live alone, he had a roommate. His roommate was a cat named Franklin. You know, like the Franklin the dog that is supposed to be watching us sheep but we scared off so us sheep can really do whatever we want. And in fact we do.

Anyway, Franklin the cat is rather interesting. At first I don't think he liked us. But then ew

Hey, that tickles.

He licked my back. And then he licked my eye ball!

Hey, those are not contacts!

And then it just got worse...




Ok, that was too much. I don't like baths. Not in a tub, not in a washer, and defiantly not from the tongue of a cat. So we had to rethink this meeting Franklin approach.

Bring it.

And a good time was had by all.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Roll Over

Every since we moved into the new house Erin has been getting a lot more junk mail. And a different kind of junk mail. When we rented, Erin would get tons of applications for credit cards. She used to take everything out of the envelope, write in black sharpie "Please take me off your mailing list. Thanks, Erin" on the order form, then she shoved everything (including the original envelop) into the prepaid return envelop and dropped it in the mail. Thus, Erin was able to support the Post Office and get her name off the mailing list. Pretty simple, effective, and costly to the junk mailers.

Now Erin is getting a higher class of junk mail. But I would say the most disturbing junk mail that is coming in is all the applications for life insurance. Who knew owning a home was so dangerous? Well, ok I can see why. Higher class junk mail isn't the only new phenomenon of home ownership. I mean, Erin is actually using the fireplace. And if you seen Erin use a fireplace you would know why she is getting so many life insurance applications. (Shhh...don't tell her we are requesting more information to be mailed.)

Anyway, let's get to the point...if there is any. Erin is not sending the junk mail back. Instead she is hoarding all her newspapers and junk mail to use for kindling for her fireplace for next winter. Which means we are starting to get closets full of junk mail.

So to help out with the clutter, I decided to make Erin some newspaper (and junk mail) logs. First I went to the internet to investigate how you should go about making a newspaper log. And I found all these "log rollers" which were super expensive. Not to mention super worthless (or so the reviews said). And then I came across a nice simple instruction video on how to make CHEAP paper logs. And as a extra added bonus, to relieve some stress. So I gathered the supplies and the troops and we were off.

I put Chris in charge of organizing and wetting the papers. I figured with Chris being the oldest should have some good organizational skills that could be put to work. Unfortunately, Chris wanted to read all the junk mail before passing it into the tub.

Ooo..half off toilet paper and pizza!

Once the papers were all wet I got to beat them with a hammer and then roll them on a pipe. I got this job because I have all the muscles of the group. And because I don't trust D.J. with a hammer nor a metal pipe.


Once I removed the the log from the pipe I moved it to the drying rack with D.J. (Don't tell Erin I used her cookie drying racks for this.) D.J.'s job was to make sure the logs stayed on the rack to dry. Basically, D.J. kept trying to crawl into the water tub and splash around. So I was hoping I could keep the little sheep on the rack to dry off so that I didn't get yelled at by Erin for bring a wet sheep into the house.


Overall, I think we had a pretty good assemble line going on. Henry Ford would be proud.

Look, no bottle neck!

And when it was all said and done we had 10 logs.

Burn, baby Burn!

Ok, Erin did comment that it took us all day and that it might not have been as efficient as originally hoped. We did only produce one log every hour. But when you consider all the union breaks we had to work in, I thought we did a good job. And we still were able to sleep, watch movies, play on the net, and all the other fun stuff we do on a Saturday at home. I even think Erin washed the dishes.

Now all we have to do is wait for the logs to dry and Winter to come to try it out. Stay tune!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Erin has been busy lately hanging out with her "friends." Why does she need human friends? Exactly, she doesn't. She should be happy that she is so blessed with sheep friends like us. Chris and I protested and I mean...asked if we could come with the next time she went out. So today we got up, brushed our wool and were off to meet at the Bamboo Garden for lunch.

We didn't much care for the company at first. One of Erin's friends kept calling us donkeys. Erin didn't tell us she was friends with a bunch of people blinder than herself. But no matter because while they were too busy poking fun at each other and trying to find their chopsticks, Chris and I ate all the food. And it was delicious. Although in our haste, we might have over eaten a little too much. But only by 1 or 2 bites. a vet.

We had to lay down for a very long time. We went into a deep stupor but were quickly awoken to hear Erin's friends talking about all the stuffed friends they had left at their houses. Angela has dragons. We knew that; one of them entered last year's Halloween Costume on Parade. The other girl said she had dogs. But we don't believe her. She called us donkeys. She probably has cockatoos. The other boy said he had zombies. Again, where does Erin find these people? But none the less they all said we could have a play date together and get to hang out with other plush animals. And by the looks of this lot, I think all their plush therapist buddies need a break of normality.

O yes, I almost forgot V.J. V.J. said he had frogs. And then he said he brought them with. And then he said he would show us his frogs and he rolled up his sleeves and showed us this.


Poor V.J. He doesn't even know the names of his own body parts. Those are arms, V.J., not frogs. V.J. if your reading this, please refer back to this link whenever you get confused. It will help you get caught up on some of the basics which you apparently were sleeping through during preschool.

Now we are back at home and are going to lay down a little more. If we had pants we would have to unbutton them because we stuffed ourselves. Hopefully when we awake, Erin will have scheduled the conference of Seattle's Plush Therapist so that we can all get together and compare notes on these crazy humans.