Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good Bye Georgia; Hello...anywhere else!

Erin's friend Donnice came and helped us pack up all our stuff; even though she knows that Erin is an OCD pack rat. Chris kept hiding from Donnice. I guess they have history. Anyway we got everything packed up and we were off!

Erin promised us that we would go sightseeing along the way. But she flew out of Georgia in a blink of an eye. We did stop in Nashville, Tennessee but just for gas. Then we went through Kentucky. We wouldn't let Erin stop in that state. There were deer lining up on the highway for the entire state. They were scary. Erin wouldn't drive on the right side of the road.

Then we went up thought Illinois. And we stopped. Erin and Donnice went and got wasted in a Longhorn Steakhouse while we sheep partied in the car. It was about time too. That people stink was really getting to us.

The next day, we all high tailed it to Iowa. IOWA! I missed Iowa. We visited with our old friends in Iowa and ate some nice green grass.

mmmm...go old Iowa grown grass

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Hooves Hurt

Oh boy do I stink!!

All that water, all that sand, what is a poor sheep to do.

So as you all should very well know by now, it's been a little wet around here and Noah forgot to stop by and say hello. In case you were worried (yes I know you weren't, but hey I'll take what I can) we didn't have any water at our place. Although there was lots of puddles to play in, just don't tell Justin where the smell came from.

So before the water came we played in the sand. I think we were supposed to be putting sand into bags, but really why work when there is a fresh beach to play in. There is also that opposable thumb issue. If anyone asks I was hard at work though, wouldn't want to have hurt the flood preparation.

About those sand bags. They didn't do so hot at holding back the water, but we all tried (wink wink). Then there was the water and all the junk that it brought in. Now us sheep are incredibly hygenic animals. Pigs on the other hand...filthy filthy. The town now smells like a big pig pen, ewww!! So I'm hiding at home because it's not safe to go out. And we all know what being at home leads to, boredom. Chris & Dj won't come to the computer and play with me. They said something about Erin disciplining them for some misbehavior. So I sat and walked circles, then Miss Erin got on my case and told me to write a post. So here you go Erin, my story of being tortured by the floods.