Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sterilizing Your Inners Since 2008

We were playing Trivia Pursuit the other night with Erin's house guest and it remind me of when Scout came to visit a few years ago. (O and Jamie, too.) We got so busy with the holidays that we never got the pictures uploaded. Scout is from Hawaii and is kind of a germaphobe. You might recognize Scout from last year's Costumes on Parade. Scout went as Monk.

So I'm a bubble sheep. What about it?

It took a lot of talking...and a crowbar but we finally got Scout out of the bag.

Look at all those blue eyes.

Of course it didn't take long before Scout wanted to crawl back into a sterile clear bag. But we had a better idea. Which was this: if we get Scout wasted than Scout wouldn't care about the germs. So we told Scout that it was important to sterilize the your insides as well as your outsides and the best way to do that was to drink larges amounts of alcohol. So when we were all in agreement we went off to Leavenworth, a "German" town, for Oktoberfest.

WHAT! No sheep?

We were met by Woody Goomsba, the Leavenworth Ambassador. We were kind of thinking that he would be a sheep but instead he was a nutcracker. A little disappointing, but hey, not everyone can be as cool as us sheep. I mean, look at Erin.

By time we got to Leavenworth, we were starving. And no nutcracker was going to crack enough nuts to fill us up. So Erin and Jamie took us to eat at a quaint place that served waffles. Scout took a really long time to eat. Apparently, eating at a place that serves lots of sticky syrup is not a great idea when dining with the OCD. The world really only has so many wet-naps. But never the less Scout finished eating way before Erin and Jamie. Those too girls sure did a lot of talking when they are supposed to be eating. This normally would bother us but us sheep got to sit at the window and people watch. There were a lot of weird people but no sheep.

There's a sheep! O no that's just a guy with a silly wool hat.

After Erin and Jamie FINALLY finished and pay, we were off to do lots of inner sterilization. But before we did that we wanted to take a fast sweep of the area to make sure we weren't missing any cool sheep taverns. Alas, it seemed we were the only sheep in the festival. We all decided that meant that we needed to drink for all the sheep that were not there. A sheep must represent for the herd you know.

Is this picture fuzzy or is it just me?...hiccup.

I don't really remember much after this picture was was some beer...I think Scout was on a table dancing...D.J. was doing a handstand on a big metal drum...and I...we'll I remember a funnel I don' can't say what happened after this picture was taken. O...I DO remember some flashing red and blue lights and Erin pulling the car over about half way home. And some guy in a weird hat and outfit sticking his head in the window asking a lot of strange questions. Erin didn't look very happy. The guy gave her a piece of paper and Erin smiled and thanked him. Although when the guy took off she didn't seem so happy. There were a few choice words, a sign, some muttering about at least she hadn't drinking, and we were back on our way...but a little bit slower.

When we finally got home, (man I had to pee) we cracked open a game of Trivia Pursuit. And that was why last night's game of Trivia Pursuit remind me of out Sterilization Campaign. Unfortunately, after Scout sobbered up, the OCD sheep crawled back in the bag and well pretty sure hasn't come out since.

No, D.J., for the 142nd time, the answer is NOT Charlie Mopps!