Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Friends

We made some new friends. Ok not really friends, but Justin made us play with them. The first one was kind of friendly, albeit a little arrogant. I just mentioned something about Terrapins and he decided to sulk.

Our Tarheel buddy, he didn't want to talk football.
Said to call him in March, he'd have more to say then

Our next friend, well probably shouldn't say anything but when did listening to mother do us any good. He's old, smelly, kind of stale and has this weird accent that can't be described any better than as Southern Nordic. We tried to smile in the picture, but it was hard with the stench, hope we didn't offend him with out attitude.

He couldn't stay and play long (so sad). Something about going to play with giants. We hope he doesn't get squished (snicker snicker)

Friday, January 11, 2008

New Chair

Actual size? Seems like a big box for such a small chair.

It came, it came!! Finally the new desk chair arrived. O…you don’t know do you? Well you see Erin was sitting in her old desk chair, surfing the net, when all of a sudden the chair snapped in two. Erin and the seat went one way and the wheels took off in the other direction. It was very exciting but I didn’t hear Erin yell “Again Again!” So what really happen is that DJ got spunky (surprise, I know) the other day and gnawed on the metal part of the chair when Erin was at work. But, shh…, don’t tell Erin because she thinks the chair broke because she was too fat. Haha, do you know how much time she is spending at the gym now? And all that junk food in the kitchen is all ours! DJ is going to start on her bed legs later tonight.

But anyway, we all got to help assemble the new chair. Chris read the directions. And DJ helped screw it all together. I’m not sure DJ was a big help. I went in the other room and hid. I think Erin got blisters on her hands.

Ok, it says, "take the little thing-a-ma-bobber and put it in the what-cha-ma-call-it." Got it?

Righty tighty, lefty Lucy? Wait, who is Lucy? And more importantly, does she have a sheep? Baaaa!

After all the assembly was completed it was my turn to help. That’s right the most important part of the job; Quality Control. Hmmm...I might have to do some more tests. Tell Erin to come back next week and I’ll let her know if it is safe for her.

What? It is an important part of assembly! Now go away so I can concentrate.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Holiday Spirit

Well after Taylor's last post we got to talking and decided that if the stores were going to celebrate the holidays early we might as well too. The hopeless romantic in me curled up with a nice bottle of red. Threw on some Luther Vandross and was ready to kick back.

Not three sips into my wine, the little hellion comes barging in apparently in the Mardi Gras mood. Who knew a sheep could soak up so much. Luther Vandross was quickly replaced by an endless versions of "When the Saint's come Marching In." Really thought some of my musical tastes would have rubbed off by now.

Really we're good sheep, don't you believe us

Either way we had a fun evening and are completely in the holiday spirit now. Not sure we can make it last until the holidays occur but we'll see. We do have plenty of work getting our client/host/human to cheer up. Wish us luck

Friday, January 4, 2008


Guess who won The 12 Pets of Christmas contest on Suzy's Hot blog at ?


Yeah I saved our Christmas from the evil snowman, and all I got in return was this awesome hat. And don't I look so good in it? Take a look!

Perfect fit!

D.J. in the Hood!

Mubushmuboubuth whubo?


Permanent Holiday Pt. 2

Will it ever end? Another day, another trip to Wal-Mart and guess what we find. A section of Mardi Gras beads. At least those don't go stale like chocolates. Oh and for Chris, since I continually get into trouble for not carrying my camera around, here's a nice cell phone camera picture of part of the aisle.

Shiny Shiny...What were we shopping for again?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Permanent Holiday

Yeah!! We survived the holiday season, didn’t eat too many cookies, spared the pie and made it home without too many bruises. Those airports can be rough; we won’t even discuss the security screening. Get home, a little hungry after a long day of traveling and decide to go get some groceries. Hoof it on down to Wal-Mart (being a sheep therapist doesn’t pay well, at least the schooling is cheap) and wander our way collecting groceries. After grabbing eggs and dairy products we round the corner fly past the cleaning supply aisles and what do we see?

What no guesses, come on. We know you want to guess, trust us we won’t laugh.

Oh yeah, ok, maybe we’ll snicker a little, lets be realistic now.

Ok, so what did we see, we saw chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Now I don’t know about you, but if I gave my sweet heart stale chocolate I’d be sleeping in the dog house. Around here that’s not even a metaphorical threat…it’s quite real.

So I get to thinking, this aisle here was where the Christmas candy was, so what was there before Christmas. Oh my gosh. This aisle always has holiday candy. Starting December 26th (although we’ve heard of sittings as early as December 23rd) the aisle supports Valentine’s Day candy. After that it goes straight to Easter, with a small section for St. Paddy’s Day. As a side note if 2 month old chocolate isn’t bad enough, what do people do with 2 month old peeps. After Easter I bet its summer grilling and Independence Day. After that its college dorm room supplies. If you don’t think this is a holiday you’ve never raised teenagers. From there it’s Halloween and lastly Christmas.

It’s a good thing us sheep is poor. So many pretty trinkets to spend money on, but we skip the aisle and get to the important things, like the Alfalfa.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A new year... a new way to access the blog.

Hello sheeps!

First, let me say Happy New Year!  It's going to be an exciting one, I bet.  So the flock, our readers, our friends on the other side of the Atlantic, and of course the shmucks us sheep look after, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Now, this next bit is the real exciting stuff.  (Don't anyone piddle themselves.)  As my New Year's gift to the flock, I went ahead and hooked us up with a new web address!  

You can now access our blog at  (Not that the extra bit of "blogspot" was hard to remember, but this is just easier to tell new folks.)

So be sure to pass the news along to your friends! --The NEW way to access the best stories from your favorite sheep on the web.

Happy New Year!