Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sheep Doing Yoga Baaaaadly

Jenni keeps telling us how amazing the benefits of yoga are, so we decided to try it out. Keep in mind that we decided to try it out on her new mat. Yes, we took her new mat outside to try yoga. Do you think she'll freak? Probably, so don't tell her.

Hawkeye (9) is attempting Eagle, Andi (3/8) is striking a beautiful Downward Facing Sheep, Riley (1/16) does the best ever Happy Baby, and Sammy (7/10) is posing in Lotus.

This is the way to break in a mat!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

We Rested, see!!!

Well someone let Taylor loose again. I don't know what's wrong with that sheep but it's about time for a tranquilizer if you ask me. Anyhow, I wanted to ensure all of our faithful readers that there was in fact resting* at the Sleepy Sheepy Resort and that you should most certainly visit.

I don't quite think this is checkers Chris

As you can see Chris and I played (well attempted) this fun game. I'd tell you what it was, but it was sooooo hard it made my brain hurt and it's been permanently blocked from my memory. I'm sure Chris or Erin might be able to fill you in on the exciting details.

*While we sheep had plenty of rest, you may not want to to tell the humans about this thing called Wisteria. I honestly don't know what it is, but it looked dirty and painful to me.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey!! I Thought the Sleepy Sheepy Resort was a Sheep Vacation

Well as you all know, Justin sufficiently tortured us on our way to the Sleepy Sheep Resort. I'd complain, but I know better, plus he's a little crazy so maybe it was some sort of plan. So after being released from the luggage (Thanks Jesse!!) we curled up in bed with relaxing thoughts of mud baths, deep tissue massages and alfalfa. The next morning we found we were sadly mistaken.

Ugg, What do you mean I have to sit next to DJ

It seems we were off to see the Japanese Gardens in Seattle. Hmm, that seems relaxing and serene. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad. Little did I know that Erin and Justin were on a mission to identify plants, which meant I got the duties of watching DJ. Let me tell you, this is no vacation.

Get down here, NOW!!!

No matter what we did, the little rascal was off to the races. The gardens were indeed quite nice, although a few more edible flowers would have been much appreciated. We tried to get some group photos, but no such luck.

Don't make me count, 1...2...

It was just endless. Running from one end to the other. DJ even nearly took out a sweet old woman. That was when I just about had it.

No those coins are not for you, but that candle may be

So just as it seemed as if my wool would turn grey and fall out, we decided to sit down on the bridge for a little rest. No way DJ would go into the water right, he knows better. Silly silly me.

Don't fall DJ...wait there's an idea

Yeah he pushed that button and it was on. Hey DJ, if you like playing in that pine tree I bet you'd have even more fun on this lily pad.

It'll hold you DJ, I promise

So he didn't buy my lily pad gambit, worth a try anyways. Well where you fail once, just have to try again. Hey DJ, why don't you pet the ducks

Just don't mind the duck food I put under you

Man even the ducks didn't want anything to do with DJ. I wasn't going to be thwarted though. Has to be something in that pond that likes mutton.

Ohh, that one looks hungry

Well it was a successful trip to the Japanese Garden by all accounts. It was also a restful weekend at the resort for those of us that made it back.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Iowa State Fair

We found out that Jenni was going to the Iowa State Fair, so we hitched a ride. It was fun, but it was soooo hot!

We found a sheep right away!

Jenni was pretty impressed at our sheep seeking capabilities. As you can see, we found real sheep and fake sheep!
Awe! Can we take the lamb home?

We were so awesome, we found a baby sheep! Val looks a little afraid of the lamb, but I assure you that Val was very brave.

What a strange looking sheep!

Yes, we know, that's not a sheep. Duh, it's a donkey. We liked this little donkey, baby donkey was so cute and friendly. We wanted to take donkey home, but Jenni said no. What a party pooper!

Can we take this cow home?

Since Jenni wouldn't let us take the donkey home, we decided to keep looking around. It didn't take long to spot this little cow. Yeap, it's a full grown cow. The littlest cow in the world! Maybe we can take this little one home? This cutie is so small, Jenni would never notice!
Val decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to bring the little cow home, too much poop. Val thinks that being the biggest sheep in the house means that Val knows everything. Hmmm, Andi and I aren't so sure about that.

We decided that Val might (I mean miiiiiight) just be right, and that having a living cow might not be the best thing for a house.... but what about a butter cow? They don't poop!

Mmmmm, butter!

Yeah, butter cows smell much better, but do you see Andi? Andi looks a little freaked out. Okay, maybe we won't bring this cow home.

It was too hot to even consider trying the fried Snickers on a stick, so we thought maybe we'd try some green eggs and ham:

Try them, try them, you will like them!

Well, we wanted to try the green eggs and ham, but we couldn't figure out how to break through the glass... maybe next year!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wisconsin Dells

Jenni took her family and in-laws to Wisconsin Dells last week, and didn't even mention taking us sheep, so we decided to hitch a ride in Jenni's suitcase. Jenni didn't discover us until we got to the Kalahari Resort, we got to stay and do fun stuff!

What big ears you have!

Our first trip out of the room we ran into these guys... I sure hope that Mr. Lion is a vegetarian! After we managed to escape from the Kalahari mascots, Jenni said that we were going for a ride on the Ducks. Ducks you say? Ride on the ducks? What the heck? Ducks are smaller than sheep! Has Jenni gone crazy?

Can this thing quack?

Ohhhh, that kind of Duck! Ha ha Jenni, very funny. Anyway, it was a fun ride, though it was pretty windy, so we spend most of the time chilling in Jenni's comfy bag, which had plenty of breathing space. It also had a few diapers in in, but luckily the diapers were clean.

Since we didn't want to hang out in the diaper bag much after our duck excursion, we thought we'd spend the rest of the time hanging out at the water park at the Kalahari, and also work on our tans.

Look! We've found Dumbo! Are we in Disneyworld?

This little elephant was so friendly! We had quite a nice conversation. We loved the safe feeling we had hanging out with the fake Dumbo. Then, Val had the great suggestion that we get in the pool. Sure, get in the pool - there aren't any alligators.....

Ummm, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore...

What the heck? Sure, we all believe Val, and jump in with 100% trust that the pool is free of scary things - well scary things other than poopy diapers - and what do we land on? An alligator head! AAAAGH!!!!

Luckily, Jenni was nearby, and helped us all to safety. Needless to say, we hopped right back in Jenni's suitcase, and didn't come out until we arrived back home in Iowa.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Short Deep Breaths

We made it to the airport and flung open Justin's suitcase. The poor sheep were alive, but barely. They were suffering from heat stroke and dehydration but after a little First Aid and water they were all better. Good thing sheep have better recovery rates than humans.

Drink more fluids...but stay off the carpet.

I think everyone learned a valuable lesson today. Don't get caught in a suitcase for more than 48 hours. Remember when you get stuck in a suitcase your human has no common sense to guide them. Only you can prevent human stupidity.

Friday, August 6, 2010

We're Coming!

We had just finished playing some Xbox when we decided to see what was going on online. And we found Aerin's distress post.

Sheep 911, what is your emergency?

Erin told us everything would be fine but she knows nothing. We have to move. So we are off to go save Aerin and Taylor.

Everyone in and buckled?

If you read this, Aerin, know that help is on the way. Stay strong!

Eww!! It Smells in Here

Live Blogging Experiment 1 :)

So Taylor and I are off to visit the Sheep Resort. Boy will we need the rest by the time we get there. We were supposed to make it out there yesterday, but Iowan's don't know how to drive. The interstate was shut down to one lane and there were two car accidents. We tried to drive around it all, even got to bounce around on some dirt roads. (FYI: Be careful, sharp curves aren't always well marked on gravel roads). Through all that death defying maneuvering we didn't make it to the airport on time ;(.

So now we are camping out in the airport hoping to make it to the resort tonight. I'd offer pictures, but we are still locked up in the luggage (Since Wednesday) and it's starting to smell. I was able to get to dig out the computer and thought I'd run it so the fan would at least kick around some fresh air. It turns out they offer free Wi-Fi in the airport and the luggage doesn't block it. I keep digging for the camera but I'm afraid to go too deep, it might be padded in socks or something.

Anyhow, stay tuned. I hear Chris has many exciting things planned for our short trip to Seattle. I will do my best to live blog the events.