Sunday, October 31, 2010

2010 Halloween Costume Parade Roster

Another great parade has come to an end. With 19 entries, it really was a great one. We would like to thank all the entries once again for taking the time and sending us your wonderful pictures in costume. We has been fun, and we hope all our participants and readers did too. Here is the final rosters for the 2010 Halloween Costume Parade:

1 - Shaun the Sheep as Little Bo Peep

2 - Quinn as a Traffic Engineer Intern

3 - Riley as an Important Doctor

4 - Franklin as Lady Gaga

5 - Aerin as Tarzan

6 - G. Raffe is a Winter Princess

7 - Sammy as Bathtime Ducky

8 - Broar as Santa Claus (Kerstman)

9 - Baxter as a Pirate

10 - D.J. as a Sock Monkey

11 - Andi as a Beach Bum

12 - Taylor as The Great Gazoo

13 - Jolly Mäh as Magician

14 - Chris as Lady Liberty

15 - Pink Bear as a Fairy

16 - Hawkeye as Makkuro Kurosuke

17 - Heart as a Bride

18 - Jesse as Robin Hood

19 - Val as a Bus Driver

What a wonderful and unique set of costumes. Did you have any favorites? We know we had about 19! But then we might be a little biased. ;) Let us know what you think.

If you missed this year's parade, don't worry. We will have another one next year. And you can even send you picture in now! That's right. You can send a picture of you plush therapy buddy in costume to Sheep. 4225SC @ gmail .com from now until October 1, 2011. We'll be happy to hold on to it and make a special place for it in next year's parade. Have a happy and safe Halloween!


Ellie K said...

Oh good! You posted each of the costume parade entrants separately. I can be a bit slow sometimes, for a moment I thought that the roster had no associated photos.

I have my entrant for next year selected, although it will take a while to transfer him from the virtual world to a physical reality: Firesheep!

Justin said...

While I can hardly pick one favorite, I'll my vote to Hawkeye as Makkuro Kurosuke.

Raquel said...

Thanks to you for giving us the oportunity to participate :)
My favourite one is Liberty, hehehe
Kisses and congratulations for your succesful parade :-)