Sunday, May 16, 2010


Erin has been busy lately hanging out with her "friends." Why does she need human friends? Exactly, she doesn't. She should be happy that she is so blessed with sheep friends like us. Chris and I protested and I mean...asked if we could come with the next time she went out. So today we got up, brushed our wool and were off to meet at the Bamboo Garden for lunch.

We didn't much care for the company at first. One of Erin's friends kept calling us donkeys. Erin didn't tell us she was friends with a bunch of people blinder than herself. But no matter because while they were too busy poking fun at each other and trying to find their chopsticks, Chris and I ate all the food. And it was delicious. Although in our haste, we might have over eaten a little too much. But only by 1 or 2 bites. a vet.

We had to lay down for a very long time. We went into a deep stupor but were quickly awoken to hear Erin's friends talking about all the stuffed friends they had left at their houses. Angela has dragons. We knew that; one of them entered last year's Halloween Costume on Parade. The other girl said she had dogs. But we don't believe her. She called us donkeys. She probably has cockatoos. The other boy said he had zombies. Again, where does Erin find these people? But none the less they all said we could have a play date together and get to hang out with other plush animals. And by the looks of this lot, I think all their plush therapist buddies need a break of normality.

O yes, I almost forgot V.J. V.J. said he had frogs. And then he said he brought them with. And then he said he would show us his frogs and he rolled up his sleeves and showed us this.


Poor V.J. He doesn't even know the names of his own body parts. Those are arms, V.J., not frogs. V.J. if your reading this, please refer back to this link whenever you get confused. It will help you get caught up on some of the basics which you apparently were sleeping through during preschool.

Now we are back at home and are going to lay down a little more. If we had pants we would have to unbutton them because we stuffed ourselves. Hopefully when we awake, Erin will have scheduled the conference of Seattle's Plush Therapist so that we can all get together and compare notes on these crazy humans.


John said...

Wow, that's a lot of food you guys ate. Did you use chopsticks, forks, or just eat trough style?

Justin said...

Plush therapist conference... you might want to rethink that one Erin. We don't want any uprisings

Kelsie Fu said...

You don’t know how I surprised when saw these cutie monkeys. I love them!!! After dinner I asked Paul how come Erin knew what I liked…….my next homework, to find out where is my note!

Quinn said...

My goodness, I could not agree with you more! I just got my human through her third graduation and I've yet to have a vacation!

Erin said...

Yes, I am worried that there is going to be a meeting and then they will all decide to go to Costa Rico instead of come back home.

Justin said...

Hmm, Costa Rica seems a bit warm for some of them, particularly the sheep. Maybe somewhere in Europe, I hear its cheap to go there now.