Thursday, September 30, 2010

South Dakota - Part 2

While our first few days in South Dakota were a lot of fun, Monday was pretty boring. It was raining, so Sonja wouldn't let us ride on the parade float with her and Silvia. We were kind of sad, so she let us watch from the car. After the parade, it was still dreary, so we just hung out with Sonja and Silvia.

On the last morning, we got to stop at Silvia's office and see a Rapid City landmark. He's a giant cowboy that is outlined in neon at night!

Too bad it's light outside.

We found out that Rapid City is known as the City of Presidents and wondered why until we found our first President. We found James Garfield, the 20th President!

Then we found another one! This one is James Polk, the 11th President.

We wanted to keep looking for Presidents, but Sonja said it was time to leave because we had a long drive back home.

Sonja promised that I could come back with her the next time she comes here to visit her sister and look for more Presidents. Since Val got to come this time and Riley had to water the plants at Sonja's house, I think next time I might ask Jenni if Riley can come along.


Riley said...

Woot woot! Look at those presidents! Glad you're back! You have a LOT of plants to water. Geez Sammy, aren't sheep supposed to eat plants? Oh wait, maybe that's what goats do...

Sammy said...

Sonja told me I wasn't allowed to eat any of the plants she keeps inside of the house. Outside, the ones in pots are off limits. She has a LOT of rules about which plants I'm allowed to eat!

Raquel said...

Our sheeps say that they wanna visit those presidents too :))

Justin said...

It's ok Sammy, take a bite. If no one is watching no one will know.