Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What does it take to get a good fluffer around here?

Phew!! I know understand why no one will ever travel with Justin. Taylor and I decided to get adventerous and join Justin on a trip out to San Diego. Seemed like the perfect get away. Which it was, it was just the getting away part that's a little screwy.

1) Drive Faster Justin, Faster:

Hmm, apparently when your flight leaves the airport at 5:30, you are supposed to arrive earlier than 5. Well, Justin forgot this and the nasty gate agent wasn't going to let us check in even though we only had carry on luggage. (Yes it was a travesty, but I managed it). I came to the rescue, showed a little muscle and convinced the gate agent his man hood was more important than giving us a hard time. So we get through security, walk up to the gate expecting a big line only to realize that its 5:10 and we still have 20 minutes and there isn't even a plane on the ground.

2) How does 5:30 = 6:00?

So much for that 5:30 departure. The plane doesn't land until 5:30 so we don't start boarding until 5:45 and don't close the cabin door until 6. Hmm, that layover in Denver is getting shorter. Who would have thought an hour and a half layover wouldn't be long enough.

3) Who thought it was so hard to get a little fluffing

Come to find out that the airplane was late because the APU unit is broken. That would explain why it was so hot in the cabin. It also means the plane can't take off on its own, it needs a little help getting "warmed" up. So the faithful crew at CID bring around the fluffer, but wait you mean fluffers don't like corn? Seems they put the wrong fuel into the fluffer. So off we go for a another one, but wait this is CID, how many other fluffers can there be.

4) I so enjoy sitting on the tarmac

So the plane got its fluffing, became all cooperative and we flew to Denver. We left CID 50 minutes late but that still left us 40 minutes in Denver. Dinner is off the table, but at least we'll make our destination and not have to spend the night in Denver. We touch down in Denver, start taxing and stop. Oh! no you don't!! We sit on the tarmac for 20 minutes. Apparently since we were late our gate was in use and they thought it best to punish us by sitting and making us wait for the other plane to push off.

5) What gate was that?

Alright off the plane and T-15 until the next plane leaves. What gate are we at, oh B91. You mean we are at the farest end of the airport and have two extra long hall ways between us and the rest of the B concourse. Sounds fishy if you ask me. But whatever, so what gate are we leaving out of B24. Oh crap, the B concourse only goes to B15. Could you make it any farther please. Apparently Justin runs or some crazy stuff like that. Two hallways and 4 moving sidewalks later we arrived at the gate to a very peeved looking attendant who doesn't even acknowledge that we (well Justin) is panting. Oh and for the maintenance man on moving side walk 2, sorry about your toes, but really the four of you sitting on both sides of the railing, you're lucky he only took out your toes. I personally was throwing fists a little bit higher.

6) We're here...hey why isn't the door opening

So we take off, fly, get really hungry and land in San Diego. Ok, get us off this plane and lets get somewhere to get our munchies on. Hmm, the seatbelt sign is off, but the flight attendants are not opening the door. What could be wrong, wait why is the jetway still 10 feet away. No way I'm letting Justin try and jump that with me on his back. Yeah apparently all the jetway drivers went home early or something stupid. Fifteen minutes later someone finally shows up and moves the jetway into position and we are free.

Such a nice view, boy was the sun nice that day

Well it was a fun trip. No complaints, but one request: next time we go through the Denver airport, can I ride in a litter. It was a little bumpy riding shotgun on the suitcase. Thanks.


Erin said...

Hmmm...I can't imagine what would be that great to go through that more than once. But if you were scared for your life try traveling with Justin out of country. He gets you late for the flight and you have to talk to someone that doesn't speak English. And don't even get me started on the climbing down the mountain.

Aerin said...

What can I say, its all about the adrenaline. Or was that the wind in my face. Not really sure the difference

Erin said...

Good thing you didn't get caught in the fires. Don't go there when it is burning. Seared wool is not a pleasant smell.

John said...

Looks like a nice pool... Did the sheep go for a dip?

Justin said...

Um no. I think a farm boy like you would recognize that wet dog is horrid enough. Who wants a wet sheep.

Erin said...

Eww wet wool!

Marty & Jeremy said...

Hi sheeps! We visits your blogs. You is cool sheeps and we wants to hang out here.

Sorry it takes us so long to post your comment. Alison grounded us from the internets again. We is high bandwidth sheeps. But now we is back!

Sheepy said...

Hi Marty & Jeremy!!!

You guys are the best. Erin tells us to get off the internet all the time, but we just go on when she is playing on her computer at work. You know it is hard to keep DJ and Jesse out of trouble. Erin always seems more upset when she comes home from work and has to pull Jesse's head out of the oven or fish DJ out of the washer.

Welcome to the blog!!!

Franklin said...

Tarnation! I can't keep track of 'yall anymore.