Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Presents galore

We went to Erin's home town for Thanksgiving. It was fun. But we decided to make holiday gifts for all the sheep. We wanted to send the one that went the farthest first. Hope you like it Marty and Jeremy! We wrapped it really well because it was going really far. Erin said it was going to drive the post man crazy.

We are great sheep wrappers!
(Names and addresses were smeared to protect the crazies.)

Unfortunately, the Post Office is not open on Thanksgiving so Erin said we would have to wait a day to mail it. So she went to bed and we guarded the package. But we were mugged and tied up.


Erin saved us and found the package. Off to the PO we went. We had to fill out a custom form to mail the package. It was hard. Good thing we had a really nice postal lady help us.

Opposable thumbs might have helped.

We got it all figured out and then we paid for it. Even got a receipt. The postal lady was going to let us ride in the mail cart but other customers came in. So she had to help them. Knew we should have had Jesse guard the door.

OOO...It's like getting a gift for sending one.

Then it was time to go back to Georgia. Iowa is fun but Georgia is where we don't get mugged and stolen every day. We had a present waiting for us in the mailbox. It came "Royal Mail" We must be special. We were so excited. Erin wouldn't let us in the house until we calmed down. She though we might piddle on the carpet.

Ok enough pictures, let's rip this baby open!

Ok FINALLY Erin put the camera down and helped us open the package. Again with those opposable thumb issues. But we got it open!!! I would have used my braces if I had too. And look we got new head gear. Hats for everyone! Well most everyone.

We are very posh sheep now. Just like Marty and Jeremy.

We also got a CD but Erin can't get her Real Player to work. Ug...silly humans. But the gifts are awesome!!! THANKS MARTY AND JEREMY!! The rest of you sheep...Erin says she will get you your hats so you can play in the cold and snow soon.


Aerin said...

How pretty. DJ I think you would look really good in the green and white checkered one. Ok really, I just want the pink one, it is a much better accessory for me than you.

I think Taylor muttered something like "Bah Humbug!, why would a sheep go outside in the cold?"

Erin said...

Sorry. I let DJ and Chris pick first. But I thought the pink hats might clash with you Aerin. I think green will go well with your eyes.

THANK YOU Alison. As I am sure the fact that Marty and Jeremy not having opposable thumbs would make knitting hard.

elliot said...

I always liked them Brits. Such nice people and sheep over there. Thanks for the gifts! Just in time too...it's starting to get cold.

Marty & Jeremy said...

Yay prezzies! Royal Mail is super fast. The DVD has all the Shaun the Sheep episodes from BBC. Try using DivX Player or Windows Media Player. Shaun is our hero.

But it is true we did not make the hats. Alison did not make them either! We found a sheep hat supplier. They even come with smoothies!

Stay warm and cozy this winter!
Marty & Jeremy

beth said...

a sheep hat supplier?!? Apparently I didn't live in the UK long enough!

Quinn said...

A hat? How did you know that's exactly what I wanted for Christmas? Beth's apartment is soooo coooooold sometimes, she says its way warmer than the house she lived in last year, but I don't know how thats possible. Thanks Marty and Jeremy!

Franklin said...

Them there hats look mighty warm. I could use sumthin like that out there on the trail herding the sheep through the snow drifts.

Marsha said...

I met the sheep!

Erin said...

Yes, and they won't stop talking about how awesome you are. I think DJ wanted to crawl into your purse again and go home with you. But then me and the other sheep would miss him. Guess you will just have to visit again.

I'll even give you another coupon for 5 cents off the 5 cent tour.