Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We got a visitor!!!

We got a visitor! She took us all over Atlanta playing tourist. First, we needed to fill up with a good breakfast.

We need forks too please!!!

Before we got to Atlanta we stopped at the touristy place in Peachtree City. Peachtree Lake was in Sweet Home Alabama and is a great place to sunbath!

Erin, come rub lotion on my belly.

We got into the car and drove to Atlanta. It was really crowded because there was a big football game on. And then we ran into a parade. It was the Atlanta Christmas Parade. It was lots of fun. Good thing we wore our warm hats while standing outside.

Wha'cha looking at?

Ok enough parade, we are on a mission. We wanted to see the New World of Coca Cola.

You see us? We are so small with this sign.

Hehe, inside the Coke place we snuck past the "do not pass bar" to get closer to the exhibit. What? We are small, we need to be close to see.

Shhhh...don't tell anyone we broke the rules.

It was lots of fun at the New World of Coke but we enjoyed the cool beverages at the end best. All except the Beverly. That one is gross!


Okay, now for the CNN tour. We got our tickets and are standing in line. But the rest is a secret. Shh!!! No pictures in the studio please.

Let us in!!

We would be great news reporters. Don't you think?

Coming to you from outside CNN Atlanta.

Ok then we went home and watched movies. It was a great day. We like visitors. They like us...we hope.


Justin said...

Sun bathing and hats in consecutive pictures, Split personalities much?

Taylor said...

Poor Jesse, first you use him as a sleigh sheep. Then go on trips without him. You better have brought him back a nice shirt or something from Coke world

Erin said...

Yup, Jesse is always well taken care of. Marsha brought Jesse a coke back and I brought back a pin. And them Jesse is my snuggle buddy for movies nights. Its okay, Jesse is a homebody and likes to play at home. I try not to force any of the sheep to be someone they are not.

Aerin said...

What is that, crickets chirping...Oh no its Psycho Babble!!


Jesse said...

Ug...you make me have to get off the couch. I like staying at home. Maybe going for a car ride every once in a while. But walking around all over the place? No thank you! I'll take my snuggle buddies at home on the futon.

Taylor said...

Hey to each their own. I suppose if you've got the equipment for it, then you might as well use it.

John said...

I'm assuming you brought home Jesse samples of Diet Coke?

Erin said...

No, why would we need to bring Jesse Diet Coke. Are you guys saying Jesse is fluffy? That not very nice.

Quinn said...

They don't have split personalities, the temperature just changed. A lot. It's wise of them to dress in layers so they're ready for that.

Justin said...


Atlanta isn't exactly Iowa. A big weather change for them is when it cools off 5 degrees after the sun sets. Just the other night Sheepy was telling me he was shaving off his winter coat and just going with the spring version