Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Give Thanks

Ok, so I know Thanksgiving was almost two weeks ago, but I was just so traumatized by the experience, I’m just feeling up to writing about it now.
Many of you may know I live with Beth, what probably has not been mentioned is that we also live with her roommate, her roommate’s boyfriend (he doesn’t ACTUALLY live here, but might as well) and their delightful cat, Haley. Ok, actually the cat was fairly nice when we both moved in, calm, cute, would sometimes even come cuddle with me on Beth’s chair when she wasn’t there. Now that Haley is older, she meows loudly and wakes me up every day at 6:50 am AND shreds every stack of paper or cardboard she can find and makes a mess all over the living room that I get blamed for! I realize some of the flock is mischievous, but honestly, what would I be making paper confetti for and what use would it be all over the floor? Ugg, anyway. Beth was going back home for a whole week for Thanksgiving. She said I could stay here or go home with her. Since I didn’t want to be on my own with that darn cat all week, I decided to go with Beth - little did I know then the terror that awaited.
Beth’s house was fine, lots more room than the apartment to roam around or hang out and take a nap or watch TV; anything a sheep like myself might like to do. It was perfect, except for…Euclid. I didn’t think it was possible, but Beth’s dad’s dog is even WORSE than Haley. To his credit, he did have the decency to wait until 7:00 am to bark incessantly and wake me up, but he continued the whole entire day. All day, every day, for an entire week! It’s more than this poor kid can handle. As Elliot would say, “Oy vey!”


Erin said...

Well as long as he didn't bit. Now you know how Taylor and Aerin must feel.

Justin said...

Loki and Alex are nothing like Euclid and Haley. For starters there is no barking in our house. Well as long as there aren't any fast movements that send the dogs shooting towards the door barking. But really when has a sheep ever moved fast.

Biting, what biting? That's just play. You should see Alex and Loki play, now that's what I call biting. I've never seen neck skin stretch so far.