Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Hooves Hurt

Oh boy do I stink!!

All that water, all that sand, what is a poor sheep to do.

So as you all should very well know by now, it's been a little wet around here and Noah forgot to stop by and say hello. In case you were worried (yes I know you weren't, but hey I'll take what I can) we didn't have any water at our place. Although there was lots of puddles to play in, just don't tell Justin where the smell came from.

So before the water came we played in the sand. I think we were supposed to be putting sand into bags, but really why work when there is a fresh beach to play in. There is also that opposable thumb issue. If anyone asks I was hard at work though, wouldn't want to have hurt the flood preparation.

About those sand bags. They didn't do so hot at holding back the water, but we all tried (wink wink). Then there was the water and all the junk that it brought in. Now us sheep are incredibly hygenic animals. Pigs on the other hand...filthy filthy. The town now smells like a big pig pen, ewww!! So I'm hiding at home because it's not safe to go out. And we all know what being at home leads to, boredom. Chris & Dj won't come to the computer and play with me. They said something about Erin disciplining them for some misbehavior. So I sat and walked circles, then Miss Erin got on my case and told me to write a post. So here you go Erin, my story of being tortured by the floods.


Erin said...

O Aerin your a luck sheep. When I was your age and whined that I was bored I was handed a shovel and sent to the pig pen. I could have done the same to you but instead I told you to go blog. You know there are many sheep that would love to have the internet much less a blog they can play on.

O and tell Justin I know how to clean up smelly sheep.

Aerin said...

Yeah yeah and you had to walk up hill both ways to school.

I would but he never comes home anymore ;-(

Erin said...

Only when it was snowing. Stupid drifts.

What is Justin doing? Do you smell that bad that he won't come home anymore? Stinky sheep!

Aerin said...

Yeah, he says something about work but I think he just doesn't want to come home anymore. He just leaves us with the dogs to watch us.

It's kind of scary, come save me!!

Erin said...

I was just there! Why didn't you say anything then? My poor sheep. Maybe when Justin is not looking you can crawl into a priority box and mail yourself to me. I hear the post office is very genital with their packages. And even if they are not, it can't be as bad as a Alex or a Loki sheepsitters.

Erin said...

So someone commented to me that I might have wanted gentle instead of genital in my last comment. Maybe..maybe not. Must I really choose between the two? Can't I have both? And if not, is gentle the one that you think I will really pick?

John said...

Oh dear, what has the blog come to? Smelly sheep and genital postage? Aerin, did you ever consider a part time job? Then you could go out on the town with your spending money.

Erin said...

and where would Aerin go?