Sunday, July 27, 2008

Good Bye Georgia; Hello...anywhere else!

Erin's friend Donnice came and helped us pack up all our stuff; even though she knows that Erin is an OCD pack rat. Chris kept hiding from Donnice. I guess they have history. Anyway we got everything packed up and we were off!

Erin promised us that we would go sightseeing along the way. But she flew out of Georgia in a blink of an eye. We did stop in Nashville, Tennessee but just for gas. Then we went through Kentucky. We wouldn't let Erin stop in that state. There were deer lining up on the highway for the entire state. They were scary. Erin wouldn't drive on the right side of the road.

Then we went up thought Illinois. And we stopped. Erin and Donnice went and got wasted in a Longhorn Steakhouse while we sheep partied in the car. It was about time too. That people stink was really getting to us.

The next day, we all high tailed it to Iowa. IOWA! I missed Iowa. We visited with our old friends in Iowa and ate some nice green grass.

mmmm...go old Iowa grown grass


Justin said...

I can't imagine going two years without dark chocolate, how in the world did you make it so long with out Iowa grass?

Erin said...

hmmm...that explains the random calls at 3 in the morning. I think the sheep may have been scoring grass on the DL. My poor sheep.

Franklin said...

Yup... I've been secretly shippin' good ole Iowa Grass out to the flock for several months. Gotta keep 'em well fed ya know.

Justin said...

Now you sound like a turkey farmer franklin

Erin said...

sounds more like a drug dealer to me. what exactly have you been putting in the "grass?"