Thursday, November 27, 2008

How to make Thanksgiving dinner 101

Preparing Thanksgiving dinner is not an easy feat. So we put together some easy directions to make sure your Thanksgiving goes off without a hitch.

Step 1) The Hunt

You need to go 0ut and find a turkey in its natural habitat. It's important to sneak up on it as not to startle the poor thing. Be prepared to wrestle it to the ground if it has a bit of a kick.

Shhh...don't scare the little fella

Step 2) Preparing

After you hog tie the turkey (we don't want it to wriggle away), you need to prepare it. First and foremost don't forget the stuffing, you can also put lots of goodies in the pan. This will help add flavor.

Step 3) Cooking

They say you should cook a turkey a half hour for every pound. But we say cook it until its wool catches fire and falls off. That will seer in the juices and make it nice and moist for eating.

Quick, shove it in before Erin catches us!

Step 4) Eat

Eat the turkey with lots of good food and friends. Gobble Gobble!

We're thankful for all the Doritos D.J. ate this year.

The End...

Ok D.J. gets to eat first because D.J. was "playing" the role of the turkey and because we got blackmailed. It was either D.J. eats first or Erin learns how the little sheep's bottom got blackened.



Beth said...

wow DJ, I was worried I'd have to send in Sheep Protective Services (SPS) after you...or that they'd be too late! I'm glad you weren't actually cooked for dinner. The real food looked yummy though, did it taste good? Are you still alive? Remember to use our safe word if you need SPS to come rescue you!

Erin said...

The sheep are very good at cooking turkey. They get the job every year from here on out. nummy...

Justin said...

They apparently don't have very good manners though. Michael Xavier looks very sad in the background.

Erin said...

Michael Xavier and Bruce wanted Turkey too. But don't worry they got there fill. There was enough for all.