Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow Day!

The other morning when we woke up the first thing we saw was the big fluffy snowflakes coming down. And a snow day was born! It was our first snow day and I was so excited. Erin went and showed us how much snow we got.

Seven inches of heaven

Erin said she had to work from home and told us to go play. Jesse didn't want to play and went and hid under the covers.

Brrr...snow is cold! Wake me when its over.

Chris and I decided to build our first snowman. Erin told us how to do it and then pushed us outside. First, you have to make the butt. So I got to make the snowman's butt...hehe...

Rolling the bottom

Chris made the belly. I said it should be a large belly like Santa. But Erin warned us about making it too big that we couldn't pick up and stack the balls.

Don't forget the head.

But we got it done. We got pretty dirty. Chris got smashed under the head for a second but we got the head on and even gave him an face.

"It's Alive!!!...well, kind of"

Ok, just a few more touches. Hope Erin didn't want her socks. They make better scarfs anyway.

Cheese!...ok it's cold. Let's go back inside.

Ya! All done! Maybe next time we will make a Snowsheep.


Robin said...

Congratulations on a very cute snowman. We got just over 11" out here in Duvall. The trek to the store this afternoon was quite fun. Ok, not really, but at least we have more milk for lattes.

Erin said...

It's still snowing! At this rate I'll never go back to work. :P

John said...

great job guys... are you any good at shoveling sidewalks?

Justin said...

I can just hear the disappointment about not being able to get back to work.

I hope you two snuck in a snowball to hit Jesse with. Such a shame Jesse misses out / skips all the fun.

Beth said...

What a great snowman guys! Looks like you were having WAY more fun that going to work or taking finals.