Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sick Day

Today we woke up and everyone was sick. Erin had an ear ache and we had swine flu. Well we thought we had swine flu but Erin said we didn't even have the flu. She said we got the chicken pox. Apparently, that stupid Easter egg got us sick. It is so itchy!! But Erin says we can't scratch or we will make it worse. So we are trying to to lay around and not scratch.


But it is so HARD!


Aerin said...

Hmm, what trouble were you getting into DJ.

Erin is right, lots of rest, no scratching, and if you're really good maybe Erin will let you soak in an oatmeal bath.

Erin said...

I suggested a soda bath and they freaked on me. You know how they don't like their baths. Maybe later.

And yes, D.J. needed a little help not scratching.

Beth said...

Try putting on mittens? I hear that can help. Sorry you're sick guys. Don't scratch, it can make you scar :-/

John said...

The itchyness has to be made worse by your thick wool coats!

Amanda said...

Sheep can get chicken pox and oink barf? When did old McDonald turn into Dr. Death?