Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tulip Festival

Today we took a spur of the moment outing, since it was such a nice day. Erin took us all to the tulip festival. Normally, I like to sit inside but I always liked flowers. We drove an awfully long way. And when were "got there" we didn't see any tulips. We had to go out looking for them.

I found some!

D.J. blends in well with those dandelions. Always knew he was a little weed. But eventually we did find the tulips. They were all different colors. They were very pretty.

You can call us Flower if you want...

I liked the pink flowers the most. I think they go well with my eyes. I just hope my allergies don't kick in.



Quinn said...

Aww Jesse, you blend right in amidst that sea of tulips. I want to go to Seattle and see the tulips. Can I Beth? Pllleeeeeaaaasssseeeee?

Beth said...

Yeah yeah, when I get a job and have some expendable income; we'll discuss it.

Justin said...

DJ amongst the dandelions, never a more informative picture.

Erin said...

Quinn, you come visit me and I'll take you to see all the nature stuff around Seattle. Unfortunately, the tulip festival is only in April. So you would have to hurry.