Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm getting a sibling!

I am soooooo excited! Today Jenni gave me the big news that I'm getting a sibling! 3/8 will be coming home soon, and Jenni told me that I can help name the new sheepy! I am confused about one thing - I've been around longer, but is 3/8 bigger than me? I want to be the big sheep in the family! Maybe 3/8 will even help me with my plans for world domination! Mu ha ha ha!

Yay! Next time I'll have someone to play with as I travel the world. Someone to help me take over the world!


Erin said...

Congrats on the news! That's very exciting for Riley but I'm kind of worried about Jenni. Hope she knows what she is getting herself into.

Riley said...

Shhhhhhh! Jenni doesn't know about this yet! I've told her that I'll be easier for her to take care of because I'll have somebody else to play with. She doesn't realize that I don't pick up after myself... mu ha ha ha!

Justin said...

Yeah, more friends to play with. Although double the toys scattered about seems dangerous. Don't be leaving those roller skates on the staircase Riley.