Friday, August 14, 2009


Jenni is so nice! She took Andi and I to Adventureland on Wednesday. I think it was to welcome Andi to the family, but she claims that it was also to take Anja to ride the roller coasters. Either way, it was AWESOME!

I have to admit that I was scared at first, I didn't know if they would let Andi and I in. Jenni snuck us in just to be safe. She even got us a map so that we could pick out some rides to go on!

Andi and I make our plan for total Adventureland domination!

Since we are kind of small, we started out on a kiddie ride to make sure that we (I mean Andi) wouldn't get sick:

Seat belt? They're for losers!

Once we proved ourselves, Jenni agreed to let us on the Silly Silo! Andi almost barfed, but made it. That was a relief to me, do you know how hard it is to clean that out of wool?

Woah... Will the world stop spinning?

Jenni took us out to lunch, which was great! We had french fries!

Careful... I don't want to get my wool greasy or ketchupy.

After lunch, we decided to hit Kokomo Kove. Yeah, it was relaxing. Andi and I didn't want to get our wool wet, so we sunbathed, but only after applying SPF 70 to our wool. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get that stuff off? Ewwwwww! We spent all night in the washer, I mean bath tub!

Andi and I in Florida... I mean Kokomo Kove.

I'm not afraid of heights (really!), but Andi has a touch of height-o-phobia. It took a lot of begging and pleading, but I finally got Andi on the ferris wheel! I was so excited!

See that? The Space Shot? I'm totally going on that next year!

We had fun, and can't wait to go back (with Erin) next year! Jenni wouldn't let us ride on Molly the Trolley, but she did promise us a ride on the train. By the time we were able to convince her that it was time for our train ride, the train broke! The travesty! We did forgive her, but if we don't get to ride it next year, we're going on strike. Yeah! I'm not sure what we'll strike from, but Jenni doesn't need to know that... yet...


Erin said...

I want to go to Adventureland. But I only go on the Silly Silo AFTER the Raging Rapids or Log Ride. That way I get spin dried. But my favorite ride is the Dragon. Ya Dragon!

Riley said...

That's what Jenni tried to convince us to do, but Anja insisted that we all ride the silly silo first... human children just don't have the same logic that we have.

Justin said...

Ahh the memories of amusement parks. Glad you all had a good time.

Erin said...

Justin: You don't even like amusement parks Justin.

Jenni and Riley: Next time I want to see the sheep in the Old West photos they do at Adventureland.

John said...

How did you guys get past the "Must be 48" tall to ride this ride" signs?

Quinn said...

Good question John. If you figure it out let me know. If you saw my post about going to Cape Canaveral, you'll see that I got left in a locker during the rides. I want to go on the good rides!

What if I change the units on the sign to millimeters?

Riley said...

Well, Jenni made sure to strategically sneak us in on the rides that height requirements. :) She's so awesome!

Yeah, next time I'll make sure that we get to do the Old West photos! We had to be back home by 5:30, so there were quite a few things we didn't get to do. :( Grr!