Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Perfect House

Today, Erin got up and told us that she had decided to buy a home. She said she was going to go house hunting. We were all excited. We love looking for new places to live. So we grabbed our coats and started for the door. But she told us we couldn't come. Something about it being serious business and not having to keep track of us. Bunch of bull if you ask me. She took off with the realtor and left us in the apartment. Like that would stop us.

So we waited until Erin turned the corner and went looking for a new home ourselves. We knew we could do a better job than she could. We know all about what makes a great place to live. So we looked high and low and we found the perfect home on the first try. Look how great it is! And it is even great for ease-dropping on the neighbors when Erin goes off to work. (We have to wait for Erin to leave before we do that now. She never lets use have any fun.)

I can see you think they can see us?

When she got home, we showed Erin the great home we found. But all she did was scolded us for leaving the apartment without her. And she said we can't live in the camping section of REI. She just can't see potential anywhere. What a grouch...I think this house hunting is stressing her out. But we will find her one...or we will make a run for it.


Justin said...

Hmm, the tent seems a little small. Plus what are you going to do if it snows like last winter, you'd be buried in a snow drift.

John said...

I would love to live in the camping section of REI... Maybe I should be your neighbor.

Erin said...

Those sheep are being really bad lately. I might have to put them up for adoption or let them stay at REI next time.

Beth said...

I don't think giving up is the answer. They may be unruly, but you'd miss them if they were gone.