Monday, November 2, 2009

All good parades must come to an end!

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for participating in this year's costume parade! We ended up with SEVENTEEN entries (wow!):

1 – D.J. as Shaun the Sheep

2 – Quinn as a member of the Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band

3 – Andi as an Iowa Cheerleader

4 – Scout as Monk from the TV show Monk

5 – Aerin as a Banshee

6 – Chris as a Mummy

7 – Farfner as a Witch

8 – Taylor as a Ghost Buster

9 – Franklin as a Famous French Pastry Chef

10 – Marty as Harry Potter

11 – Jesse as a Soccer Hooligan…I mean Sounder Player

12 – Elliot as Vince “Offer” Shlomi the Sham-Wow guy

13 – Val as H1N1

14 – Riley as a Pirate

15 – Pink Bear as a Witch

16 – Jeremy as a Witchcraft

17 – Shaun the Sheep as D.J.

Now, you have 11 whole months to be thinking what you're going to be for next year. Erin's accepting pictures anytime you have a picture to send in before next year of Halloween. I can't wait!


Justin said...

Woo Hoo!! for a fun parade. I think next year we need a traveling prize for best costume

Erin said...

Thanks a great idea. We just 1 have to find an impartial judge and 2 figure out what the prize will be.

Beth said...

Call in a celebrity judge?

Jennifer said...

The traveling prize should be an inexpensive statue of a sheep! :)

The judges... well, that's harder. What if everyone could have one or two votes, but couldn't vote for their own entry/entries? I'd be willing to tally the votes! :)