Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This state fair is a great state fair...

I got to go to the New Mexico State Fair! It was really fun, but first they didn't want me to go (see item 2 on the list).

Then they tried to get me to change my insurance to Gieco - 15 minutes and they didn't even save me money!

Once I FINALLY got inside, I saw some crafts, including a carved Mr. Potato Head!

Since I was from the furthest away, they even gave me a coupon for Malt-o-meal. I like the food people! Then, right by the Malt-o-meal people, there was a tractor from home; yay John Deere!

After some tractor riding, I got to play in a puppet show. I sang "I've got no strings," it seemed appropriate.

Next, I went to play in the New Mexico Department of Natural resources building; do you see me?

How 'bout now?

Last, I went to see Old McDonalds Farm.

I got nervous when I saw some future HAMburgers...

Then they tried to keep me!


I decided they were right in the first place, I should have stayed out to begin with and insurance sure would have been a good idea!


Justin said...

No fried food on a stick or a butter cow, how lame. I don't know how they even call themselves a state fair.

Quinn said...

I know! Probably goes along with New Mexico having inferiority issues about being it's own country - I mean state.

Erin said...

Hey I was born in New Mexico! And by the way Quinn, Hamburgers come form cows not pigs. And you say your form Iowa.

Quinn said...

*I* know that Erin, hence the exaggeration of HAM in the description of burger?

Erin said...

O I didn't read the fun fact about the first lady letting sheep on the white house lawn. I think when I get a house I'm not going to buy a lawn mower. I'll just DJ. Chris, and Jesse graze and that will also cut down on the food bills.

Ellie K said...

Like @Erin, I grew up in New Mexico (nearly born there)! But you looked like you had an okay time at the state Fair.

What a sweet post! And I loved the pig pictures. I went to the adjacent Arizona State Fair in 2008, and I have a few photos of pigs, and one of a sheep being shorn. Tell me if they would be suitable for a companion piece on your blog, or if you would just like to see them.