Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions

So it took us 4 days but Jesse, Chris and I finally came up with a list of resolutions that we think Erin should work on this year. I know it seems long but Erin has a lot of flaws. So let's get started. Here are top 25 resolutions Erin should do.

Exercise exercising
Play with us more
Practice the stupid piano she bought last year
Read more
Lose weight
Learn to spell
Work on the house
Give us everything we ask for
Write more post
Work harder at work
Make some friends
Spend less money on stupid things (a.k.a. anything that is not for us)
Eat healthier
Give us chocolate
Finish all her sewing and craft projects
Keep the house clean
Get organized
Reduce stress
Wait on us hand and foot
Learn to count
Take us on extravagant trips
Help the us
Spend more time with friends
Love us more

After we showed Erin the list we negotiated. Erin said she would try to refrain from smothering us in our sleep. We agreed that that would work, too. Happy New Year!

Nice pillow...down pillow...

(P.S. Happy Birthday Erin's Mommy!)


Karin said...

If she finds a way to finish all her craft projects, I want a tip. I have 5 right now and am despairing of ever finishing any of them.

Justin said...

Wow you all are cruel.

Write more posts - Isn't that your job not Erin's

Eat healthier...but give us chocolate - Next time we go to the playgroud why don't I just tell you to look but don't touch

Less stress...but wait on us hand and foot - So if teasing Erin with chocolate isn't enough, you think she'll have less stress by catering to your needs, I say she just hangs you up in the rafters and uses you as bat traps.

Erin said...

See, Justin agrees with me. Ungrateful sheep.

Justin said...

I would like to see what each of their new years resolutions are. Probably sleep longer, fart more, and leave the table without picking up the dishes.

Oh wait, I bet they already do all of that supremely.

Jesse said...

What are dishes?