Monday, February 8, 2010

Franklin is Sleepless in Seattle Part I

I reckoned it was high time I took a trip out to the state of Warshington to see the sights and check up on the sheep. We will get to the sheep soon enough, but I needed to see the sights of the big city first.

Somethun smells a lil' fishy at this next place.

Erin wanted to take me to see this here Arboretum. Soon enough I found a pond with some ducks. I barked and they just came closer and closer!

So I told John I was gettin' mighty cold, and hopped into his sweatshirt pocket.

We were all a bit tuckered out, so it was time to go the ranch and check on the sheep.


Erin said...

Franklin, you look so warm and cozy in that sweater pocket. I don't know how John convinced you to come out.

Raquel said...

I see that Franklin had a good time :))

BABY said...

Meh Mehhh... Hello FRANKLIN. Don't you like ducks too? I have a friend NICI PAULA the DUCK. She is so cute. Will introduce to you soon. Meh Mehhh...

John said...

Franklin! You told me you were cold but I'm starting to think you were afraid of the ducks, what kind of sheep dog are you?

Franklin said...

I aint gonna lie, those ducks were scary!

Baby, I'm sure your friend the duck is a nice quacker.