Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All Tied Up

As you all may have noticed, I don't go on as many adventures as Chris and D.J. do. Some have speculated that it is because Erin doesn't want to take me out. Some have said it is because she doesn't love me as much as the others or because I'm overly plushy. But the truth is I am a home-body and I don't want to go on all those silly adventures. Nope, this sheep is simple.

I like to...well I like to...quilt. Yes I said it. I like quilting. And I'm not going to hide it anymore. The other sheep make fun of my crafty ways but I don't care. I like to post on the blog too and my adventures just happen closer to home. So from now on, get ready for Jesse's Notions (if you didn't get how clever that is look here. Yes you're going to have to learn up on your quilting terms.)

So my first project took a little more time then expected. But hey, it was my first one. So it all started back in February of 2009 when Erin's blue jean blanket that she made way back in middle school started to get really tattered and torn. I decided to make her a new one. And as luck would have it, Erin got invited to go on a quilting retreat (shut it).

So us 3 sheep convinced Erin that we should get to go with (a.k.a. we hid in the back seat until we were on the ferry). When we got to the secret quilter hide out we all got to work. I cut up a ton of jeans into squares and I told Chris and D.J. where to place them. Well...I tried to tell them...but its kind of like herding cats.

Rook to Queen...Check.

Once I got all those squares laid out I started I mean sewing up all the squares. It took me a little while but I got the hang of it. You know sewing in a straight line with the sewing machine is harder than it looks. I said it just took a while to figure out the borrowed sewing machine (Erin forgot her foot pedal). Erin said it just meant that I was sobering up. Anyway...I got cracking and that is all that matters.


It was going splendidly until I had to return the borrowed sewing machine. And then I found out the fossil that Erin owns was broken. Had to send it in and it took THREE MONTHS for them to find a replacement camshaft. So finally we got the sewing machine back and I was back to work. And in no time I got the top all sewn together.

Then next step was to do the quilting. Ok, I decided to tie the quilt. But I ran into another snag. Apparently no one in Washington knows what a quilting tie rack is. So Erin took me to Home Depot where we bought some 2x4s, staple gun, and some industrious C-clamps. O did I forget to tell you that sewing with jeans is like gorilla quilting warfare? Oops... In any case, we had to build a quilting rack from the bottom up. Chris and D.J. "helped" with this. I don't know why I keep asking for their help.

My head hurts all of a sudden.

Hold still...I got it right where I want it.

After a few Advil, bandages and tears we got the quilt rack constructed. And then we got the quilt stretched on the rack. And then those stupid sheep decided to use my lovely quilt as a trampoline. I tell you. They have no respect for what I make.

Look what I can do!

After Chris and D.J. stopped jumping on my blanket I wiped away my tears and put them to work. I must say sometimes it is nice when Erin comes home and starts yelling. At least when she is not yelling at me but those 2 trouble makers.

But in any case, I crawled under the quilt and D.J. and Chris stayed on top and we passed the needle through to X tie the quilt. It was a lot of hard work. but we got it done. I didn't know that quilting was so hard and expensive. I mean the chiropractic bills alone are enough to make you want to just buy a factory made quilt.

Ouch! watch where your stabbing that needle!

So it is summer of 2009 now and by this point I had the quilt top made and the backing tied on. Done right? Wrong. Now comes the worse part. Hand sewing the binding on. I HATE that part. But just as I was getting ready to do it, Erin goes and moves us. So my blanket sat in a box for a few months. And then when Erin FINALLY did unpack it she put it on her bed! I mean how rude! I told her it wasn't done but she just said she was cold and she didn't care.

So comes a full year and I still haven't gotten this blanket made. And then you know what happen? I got sick. Really sick. And Erin tucked me on the couch and let me watch tv all day long. And I got to use the blanket. I took this advantage to sew up the binding and all is done. See?

I made that.

Isn't it perfect?

The blanket didn't last long on the couch with me. No, it is back on Erin's bed. She says it is her favorite. I guess it was worth the work. Nothing beats a nice cozy sheep quilt.


Justin said...

Camshaft? Were you reparing a sewing maching or the Matrix.

Very nice quilt Jesse, when do I get mine?

John said...

That's impressive Jesse, Franklin wants a doggie quilt!

Raquel said...

Ohhhh, I want a blanket like that :))
Nice job, congratulations :)

Robin said...

Glad to see it finally done! You did great work, Jesse.

Erin said...

It would be awesome if Jesse could make you all a quilt...but I'm the person that has to fund the hobby. And at this rate I'm making Jesse get fabric off of Craigslist. But I do love my jean blanket. It is perfect. Nice and heavy and warm.

Justin said...

Well then I guess it's store bought quilts for all of us.

Quinn said...

Jesse, I admire your tenacity to come out of the crafter closet. Possibly now that I've got Beth's "thesis equivilent" submitted, I'll have some free time to join you on your quest.

Jamie said...

"Quilting retreat"...?

Erin said...

Shut it.