Sunday, July 25, 2010

Prowling Sheep - folie à plusieurs since 2007 (part 1 of 2)

Happy, Happy birthday to Prowling Sheep! Yes, another year older and wiseerrr...well another year older at least. For those new to the blog who may not know, July 23, 2007 was the official start of the blog. And although this is not a traditional sheep post, we still like to break away around this time and reflect on the previous year. To remember all our good fortune. And with that in mind, we look towards the future with high hopes.

This last year was a wonderful year for the blog. We started out with the goal of collecting 2,000 site hits. Which would have been 150% more hits than the year before. Seemed ambitious, but than again we never have been known for our realistic thinking.

We started our year off with some of our good friends Marty and Jeremy. Whom hold a special place on our blogs (upper right corner to be exact). They have been with us from the beginning or at least very early on. And we appreciate their support.

This year turned into the year of friends. We made so many new ones. It started with Baby from Singapore. And then continued on with some other very NICI friends. Raquel, one of our most prized commenters, brought us a new language (not that we were doing so hot with English). It is still good to know that some sheep can manage a healthy multilingual therapy career.

Raquel was one of the first of many friends from around the world that would that would support us despite a language difference. With the help of Google Translator (and other sheep being smarter than us) we have been able to enjoy the tales of other sheep's lives like Herdenleben, Mähmet's Blök - Alles, was Schaf macht, and Schmusibus-Welt.

At the beginning of this year we had no followers :-(, but now we have 21! Ya! Many of whom have their own blog that we encourage you to check out (see Followers in right side column) and many other blogs that link to our site. Thank you all. We're sure that your support has allowed us to shatter our goal of 2,000 site hits for last year.


Justin said...

Wow who would have thought we had that much fun this year.

Raquel said...

Wow!!! Thank you very much for your supporting words, they make me soooo happy!!
Kisses, kisses and kisses from Spain