Thursday, July 23, 2009

Changing of the Maps

Looking back on the past year we have had many visitors to the blog. Well, we had 1333 visitors to be exact from many different countries. including:

United States (US)1,113
United Kingdom (GB)68
Canada (CA)45
Germany (DE)10
Sweden (SE)8
Australia (AU)6
Netherlands (NL)6
Austria (AT)4
Finland (FI)3
Malaysia (MY)3
South Africa (ZA)3
Italy (IT)3
Norway (NO)3
Mexico (MX)3
Brazil (BR)3
Denmark (DK)3
Costa Rica (CR)3
Greece (GR)2
Japan (JP)2
Ghana (GH)2
Romania (RO)2
Spain (ES)2
China (CN)2
India (IN)2
Serbia (RS)2
Belarus (BY)1
Russian Federation (RU)1
Estonia (EE)1
Ireland (IE)1
Poland (PL)1
France (FR)1
Ukraine (UA)1
Slovakia (SK)1
Turkey (TR)1
Nigeria (NG)1
Philippines (PH)1
Vietnam (VN)1
Colombia (CO)1
Singapore (SG)1
New Zealand (NZ)1
Argentina (AR)1
Chile (CL)1
Hong Kong (HK)1
United Arab Emirates (AE)1
Portugal (PT)1
Albania (AL)1
Georgia (GE)1
Pakistan (PK)1
Egypt (EG)1
Kuwait (KW)1
Jordan (JO)1
Macedonia (MK)1

Wow, that's a lot. And if you don't know where all those places are, look on the map.

1333 Visitors to Prowling Sheep from July 22, 2008 to July 23, 2009.
(Click to view full map.)

Please, welcome the new map and add many many more red dots. We don't want it feeling left out from the other maps, do we?


Beth said...

I think the one from Singapore was my brother!

Riley said...

One of the two dots from Japan was very close to where Jenni used to live! Jenni wants to know who it was! :)

Crazy Sheep said...

The map looks like it has the chicken pox. I think the sheep might have given the pox to the map. I'll have to have a word with them.

Justin said...

Poor sick little map. We'll just have to see if we can make this one sicker

Erin said...

By the way, the goal this year is 2000 visits to this site. And GO!

Amanda said...

that map is ILL!