Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Friends

We made some new friends. Ok not really friends, but Justin made us play with them. The first one was kind of friendly, albeit a little arrogant. I just mentioned something about Terrapins and he decided to sulk.

Our Tarheel buddy, he didn't want to talk football.
Said to call him in March, he'd have more to say then

Our next friend, well probably shouldn't say anything but when did listening to mother do us any good. He's old, smelly, kind of stale and has this weird accent that can't be described any better than as Southern Nordic. We tried to smile in the picture, but it was hard with the stench, hope we didn't offend him with out attitude.

He couldn't stay and play long (so sad). Something about going to play with giants. We hope he doesn't get squished (snicker snicker)


Erin said...

Well, it is always nice to make new diverse friends. ...I guess...

Leona said...

Keep up the good work.