Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A new year... a new way to access the blog.

Hello sheeps!

First, let me say Happy New Year!  It's going to be an exciting one, I bet.  So the flock, our readers, our friends on the other side of the Atlantic, and of course the shmucks us sheep look after, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Now, this next bit is the real exciting stuff.  (Don't anyone piddle themselves.)  As my New Year's gift to the flock, I went ahead and hooked us up with a new web address!  

You can now access our blog at  (Not that the extra bit of "blogspot" was hard to remember, but this is just easier to tell new folks.)

So be sure to pass the news along to your friends! --The NEW way to access the best stories from your favorite sheep on the web.

Happy New Year!


Franklin said...

That sheep is one smart feller. How do they figure out all this stuff while I'm supposed to be watchin' them anyway?

Erin said...

O good I already type that all the time. Now it won't take me to a dead end. Thanks Elliot!