Friday, January 11, 2008

New Chair

Actual size? Seems like a big box for such a small chair.

It came, it came!! Finally the new desk chair arrived. O…you don’t know do you? Well you see Erin was sitting in her old desk chair, surfing the net, when all of a sudden the chair snapped in two. Erin and the seat went one way and the wheels took off in the other direction. It was very exciting but I didn’t hear Erin yell “Again Again!” So what really happen is that DJ got spunky (surprise, I know) the other day and gnawed on the metal part of the chair when Erin was at work. But, shh…, don’t tell Erin because she thinks the chair broke because she was too fat. Haha, do you know how much time she is spending at the gym now? And all that junk food in the kitchen is all ours! DJ is going to start on her bed legs later tonight.

But anyway, we all got to help assemble the new chair. Chris read the directions. And DJ helped screw it all together. I’m not sure DJ was a big help. I went in the other room and hid. I think Erin got blisters on her hands.

Ok, it says, "take the little thing-a-ma-bobber and put it in the what-cha-ma-call-it." Got it?

Righty tighty, lefty Lucy? Wait, who is Lucy? And more importantly, does she have a sheep? Baaaa!

After all the assembly was completed it was my turn to help. That’s right the most important part of the job; Quality Control. Hmmm...I might have to do some more tests. Tell Erin to come back next week and I’ll let her know if it is safe for her.

What? It is an important part of assembly! Now go away so I can concentrate.


Justin said...

Glad to see you're hard at work as always Jesse.

Erin said...

really. I was hoping to actually get to use the chair I bought. But nooo...."it might not be safe." b3v

Justin said...

You might want to read the post a little closer. I get the impression there may be other things that aren't safe around your place.

Karin said...

So Georgia is not to blame for the chair malfunction? At least I didn't see a post about that...