Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Day - Day 5

Day 5 - Erin lost it. I think we made her snap. She got bundled up this morning, told us to stay, and walked out the door. She was gone for an awfully long time. But she finally came back with her coat off and sweating. She had with her some "essentials." Apparently she walked to the grocery store...and a few other places.

Ice cream, celery, and 6 packs of gum...we need to talk to Erin about what essentials are.

Erin also took some pictures to show us why we can't go out side.

No this is not a parking lot this is a road with abandoned cars.
Erin said it is probably people that can't get up the hill.

Winter Wonderland

Erin dropped her Starbucks in the snow.
I knew I smelled hot chocolate on her breath!

Snowman on Day 5

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Justin said...

Brr!! I'm getting out of here and heading to NC. 65 - 70 all week long. You all should think about doing the same. Too bad you just get to travel to the Midwest. Ha ha