Friday, January 9, 2009

Presents are Finally Present

Here's the "quick" version of the background of how we had to deal with a grumpy Erin this last month.

December 7th - Erin made us sit in the other room while she ordered our Christmas presents online. There was much rejoicing. She told us she ordered them from Georgia. There was a little less rejoicing.

December 9th - Erin received confirmation that packages were sent via UPS.

December 15th - Package is attempted to be delivered by UPS, however "THE APARTMENT NUMBER IS MISSING OR IS INCORRECT. UPS IS ATTEMPTING TO OBTAIN THIS INFORMATION." Erin doesn't know this at the time because no one calls and tells her. How do they obtain information? Ouija board?

December 18th (Morning) - Seattle Snow Storm of 2008 hits.

December 18th (Afternoon) - Erin tracks package and calls to inform UPS of correct apartment number. UPS writes "A DELIVERY CHANGE REQUEST FOR THIS PACKAGE WILL BE PROCESSED / DELIVERY TO AN ALTERNATE ADDRESS WAS REQUESTED." Erin doesn't understand why the UPS people have to scream everything. She maybe blind but she can still read.

December 18th - Erin checks her order to see that there was the correct apartment number on the original order.

December 19th - Erin tracks package to see some of the same old stuff being written. She realizes they have to scream everything because their computers don't work and they have to communicate by screaming across the country instead.

December 22nd - Erin tracks package to see "EMERGENCY CONDITIONS BEYOND UPS' CONTROL." She notes this to us while we watch the mail truck drive by. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor gloom of go mailman! You show those smelly brown short delivery guys how to deliver.

December 23rd - Erin calls UPS worried that her packages will be left in the snow while she goes home for vacation. UPS refuses to hold packages until the first attempt of delivery happens. A.K.A. UPS driver must make it to our door. UPS suggests leaving a note that we are gone and to not leave package. Erin mutters something about also leaving the door unlocked and posting fliers around town saying there is a open house for robbers. UPS assures Erin that if the packages are damaged, she can file a claim to get them replaced. How nice.

December 30th - Erin calls about package. Erin makes agreement with UPS to go pick up package that night. Erin goes but they say the package is on the storage truck which won't be opened until January 2nd because of the holidays. UPS also assures Erin that they will deliver the package on January 2nd.

January 2nd - No package. Erin tracks package. It says "THE SHIPPER HAS REQUESTED A DELIVERY INTERCEPT FOR THIS PACKAGE / RETURN TO SENDER PENDING" Erin calls and is told she can't get the package delivered.

January 2nd - Erin goes to pick up packages. After 30 minutes in line and seeing only one person successfully leave with a package. Erin is able to pick up one package (a replacement cell phone that was next day delivery that took 2.5 weeks and she had to pick it up herself.) but not before Erin having to describe the package and then watching the UPS guy drop her package on the floor. Erin was informed that "THE DELIVERY INTERCEPT REQUEST FOR THIS PACKAGE WAS SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED / SHIPPER REQUESTED RETURN OF PACKAGE" Apparently the Georgia company thought it was taking too long and requested the package be returned while they sent a new package FedEx.

January 5th - Erin goes to work and FedEx delivers the package outside the door. If you think we are going to wait for Erin to come home and give us our presents you're crazy. We went into Operation Retrieve Present. It was hard but there is strong and then there is sheep strong. Which is slightly weaker than normal strong but no door was going to stand in the way of our present we waited a month to get.

Just a little higher...I almost have it...
o wait its locked.

We didn't even get the package in the door before D.J. had the package ripped open and was inside looking for the goods.

I think I found something!

Ooo they are great! I can't believe Erin found them. And they will be so useful in our new home. I think it was worth the wait. I tell D.J. and Chris to get together and show off the gifts while I take a picture. Say cheese.

Oops I got a little bit of my hoof in that one.

January 7th - We mail presents to Marty, Jeremy, Aerin and Taylor. Hope you get yours soon! Don't worry we sent it United States Postal Service, so there should be no problem.

January 8th - Meanwhile, back on the ranch...Erin checks status of original UPS package. It is currently in Maumee, OH.

January 11th - Original package is still in the care of UPS in Montgomery, AL



Justin said...

Oh the suspense Jesse, how are Aerin and Taylor going to make it without knowing what their presents are. Good thing its coming USPS otherwise they might never get to see them.

Beth said...

Wow, your story makes me glad I didn't take the UPS internship they offered me. Otherwise I might have been one of those short brown truck drivers, too wimpy to make it to your door with your precious Holiday gifts.

Justin said...

In all fairness to the evil empire of brown trucks, I just think USPS hires super people. After visiting the Sleepy Sheepy Resort, I was afraid of that hill when it was only raining.

Justin said...

On second thought, maybe it was the Chauffeur. Either way never a dull moment at the Sleepy Sheepy Resort.

Erin said...

Beth Beth - maybe if you took the internship you could have taught them a thing or two.

Justin - yes USPS does higher outstanding people. But the Sleepy Sheepy Resort is not scary and neither is the driver...after 10 AM.

Jamie said...

so the driver says... :P

Aerin said...

Ohh, such wonderful presents. Thank you Erin. We can't wait to try them out, but Justin says we have to wait until spring. We'll see about that...

Aerin & Taylor

Erin said...

Glad you two like them. I'm still tracking the original package. It hasn't landed yet. I updated the blog to post the current status.

Amanda said...

U - P - S

ugly peculiar snails

can't rely on them