Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bite of Seattle

Wow we have been really busy this summer. Probably because it is not raining like normal. I don't know why Erin doesn't like use playing in the rain. But today it was nice and sunny so we went to Bite of Seattle. I was so excited that I bit Chris for practice. But Erin told me it was not biting Seattle itself but rather all the good food Seattle has to offer.

So anyway we got in the car and drove to the Seattle Center. It was really hard to find parking so we were late to meet up with Theresa.

UGG! Where is the sheep parking!?!

But finally we got parked and then the eating began. We had fresh squeezed Pink Lemonade, Halibut and chips.


Then we had better than ice cream stuff. Chris had a Raspberry Sunday. Mine was coffee flavored so I'll be up all night. Erin seemed thrilled.

O I can feel the caffeine seeping into my veins.

Then Theresa had a kabob. She said it wasn't Lamb but... I don't know, it looked like someone I knew.
Hmm, taste like chicken.

Then we went back to have a funnel cake. Yay, more sugar! Erin made us wear bibs this time. She said powder sugar and sheep wool didn't mix well. I don't know what she was talking about. It mixed just fine. And besides, it reminded me of when I won that blue ribbon in the Iowa State Fair.

Bringing it back Iowa Style.

And then when no one was looking I got myself a Mango Lemonade. I thought my sugar buzz was dying off. So I got that back up and running. And now I'm ready to go until next Thursday. I asked Erin, "Erin, now what? what can we do?" But she just told me to get in the car. Party pooper.



theresa said...

Iowa style!

Erin said...

If funnel cakes isn't Iowa style then I don't know what is. And I think we are going to have to get Chris' little stomach pumped.

Franklin said...

That there looks like sum fine eatin.'

I reckon I need to be talking John into takin' me out to the State Fair this year.

Riley said...

Awe! It looks like they had fun! Did Chris keep you up, or did you get some sleep?

Hot said...
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Justin said...

Hmm, I think Iowa style should be something fried on a stick. One can get funnel cake anywhere.

I haven't had my funnel cake yet this summer, sad!!

Erin said...

Funnel Cake on a Stick!

Beth said...

Reminds me of the Cherry Festival in the Cherry Pepto-Bismal commercial. I'm full just thinking about all you ate; although I could go for some funnel cake on a stick...

Amanda said...

In order to be Iowa style, wouldn't something have to contain corn?? Like fried corn on the cob....on a stick...dipped in butter...and powdered suger??

Erin said...

I assume funnel cake has some corn in it. If it doesn't, don't burst my dreams.