Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Vacation

Erin's family came to town and she took some time off to show them the sites of Seattle. First thing we all did together was go fishing in the Sound. It was a lot of fun, especially when Erin got hit in the head with a flounder. She didn't think it was that funny...but it was. She got us back for laughing by catching a SHARK!


And it wasn't a very small shark either. Look how big it is. It has to be at least 50 times bigger than me.

"It was this big."

We hid for the reminder of the fishing trip. That shark could have eaten us. After we landed we went home and held onto the floor until we got our ground legs again.

The next adventure was garage sale hunting. We found a lot of fun stuff. D.J. was getting into trouble like normal. I tried to put a sticker on D.J. and sell the little sheep but no one was interested. Not even at 1/2 off.

I think I can go to the moon in this.

And I found a great buy. I found a glass dish just like the one that I mean...D.J. broke of Erin's.

Look what I found!

We got a lot of great stuff but Erin didn't think it was that great. She kept saying we didn't need things. For example, she said we had no need for a 2T child's rain coat. But what does she know anyway?

Our loot

After a good day of digging through other people's trash, we decided to get trashed ourselves. So we went on the Redhook Brewery tour. It was a lot of fun getting to sit at the bar and get all the drinks we wanted.


Maybe we drank a little too much. We seemed to have lost our ground legs again. But they had a nice green patch of grass for us to sober up on.

Make it stop.


Justin said...

Will Jesse fit in a 2T raincoat. Seems a little small, or maybe Jesse has been exercising.

Riley said...

How much is that sheepy in the blender? :)

Justin said...

Before or after the blender runs?

Erin said...

O that was a coffee pot. Like DJ needs any more caffeine to make him hipper.

Amanda said...

Wow - that raincoat is fab - you could make an awesome pillow out of that.

Erin said...

I don't drool that much!