Saturday, October 31, 2009

DJ...or is it?

Shaun the Sheep as D.J.

Shaun the Sheep is bringing us full circle with his costume of our very own D.J., who is going as Shaun the Sheep this year for Halloween. Shaun loves cotton candy ever since the famous episode “Sheep on the Loose" where a younger member of the flock Timmy gets caught in a cotton candy machine and comes out as a big wad of candy. Who wouldn't love that? Thanks Shaun for joining our parade and bringing us back to where it all began.


Justin said...

Wow quite the parade, and a fun selection of candy. Almost makes me hungry.

Riley said...

DJ!!! How cool is it that Shaun the Sheep was you!?!? Wow, if a celebrity dressed up as me, I'd freak!