Saturday, August 7, 2010

Short Deep Breaths

We made it to the airport and flung open Justin's suitcase. The poor sheep were alive, but barely. They were suffering from heat stroke and dehydration but after a little First Aid and water they were all better. Good thing sheep have better recovery rates than humans.

Drink more fluids...but stay off the carpet.

I think everyone learned a valuable lesson today. Don't get caught in a suitcase for more than 48 hours. Remember when you get stuck in a suitcase your human has no common sense to guide them. Only you can prevent human stupidity.


Justin said...

I don't know what you are all whining about. You sheep were perfectly fine in there. It's not like I put you in my checked luggage and had you stay under the that would have been fun.

Riley said...

We just got back from vacation! We hid in Jenni's suitcase and went to Wisconsin Dells with her. Luckily for us, it was only four hours locked in a hot suitcase. That's sheep abuse, but since we hopped in, I guess it's our fault. We are going to the state fair tomorrow. I'll make some posts in the next few days! :)

(We even convinced a fellow friend to join in... I'll let you guess who!)


Riley and Andi