Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey!! I Thought the Sleepy Sheepy Resort was a Sheep Vacation

Well as you all know, Justin sufficiently tortured us on our way to the Sleepy Sheep Resort. I'd complain, but I know better, plus he's a little crazy so maybe it was some sort of plan. So after being released from the luggage (Thanks Jesse!!) we curled up in bed with relaxing thoughts of mud baths, deep tissue massages and alfalfa. The next morning we found we were sadly mistaken.

Ugg, What do you mean I have to sit next to DJ

It seems we were off to see the Japanese Gardens in Seattle. Hmm, that seems relaxing and serene. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad. Little did I know that Erin and Justin were on a mission to identify plants, which meant I got the duties of watching DJ. Let me tell you, this is no vacation.

Get down here, NOW!!!

No matter what we did, the little rascal was off to the races. The gardens were indeed quite nice, although a few more edible flowers would have been much appreciated. We tried to get some group photos, but no such luck.

Don't make me count, 1...2...

It was just endless. Running from one end to the other. DJ even nearly took out a sweet old woman. That was when I just about had it.

No those coins are not for you, but that candle may be

So just as it seemed as if my wool would turn grey and fall out, we decided to sit down on the bridge for a little rest. No way DJ would go into the water right, he knows better. Silly silly me.

Don't fall DJ...wait there's an idea

Yeah he pushed that button and it was on. Hey DJ, if you like playing in that pine tree I bet you'd have even more fun on this lily pad.

It'll hold you DJ, I promise

So he didn't buy my lily pad gambit, worth a try anyways. Well where you fail once, just have to try again. Hey DJ, why don't you pet the ducks

Just don't mind the duck food I put under you

Man even the ducks didn't want anything to do with DJ. I wasn't going to be thwarted though. Has to be something in that pond that likes mutton.

Ohh, that one looks hungry

Well it was a successful trip to the Japanese Garden by all accounts. It was also a restful weekend at the resort for those of us that made it back.


Riley said...

Awe! Jenni is so jealous. Now she won't stop telling us stories about her year in Japan. Sheesh!

When are you going to visit the Iowa branch of the resort? You guys should come visit us!


Riley and Andi
(Val's currently preparing for a vacation to South Dakota!)

Erin said...

Taylor it was great to see you. And you know D.J. can't stop talking about how much fun it was to hang out with you and Aerin. Keeps asking me when your coming back.

Taylor said...

Well until that little sheep learns to sit still, it'll take something special to convince me to come back.

Erin said...

How about chocolate covered clovers?

Anonymous said...

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Erin said...

Thanks for commenting, Anete Hakkinen! We always love new readers, especially when they comment. :)