Monday, August 18, 2008

Going for the Gold

Ok, so I know it’s been ages since I’ve written – I thought I was going to get a vacation once I got Beth to graduate, but nooooo, she decided to go right to grad school, no vacation, no job, no income, what I thought was going to be live on easy street just turned into more work for me. I thought when I stopped working at Serta I’d get to sleep at night. How was I supposed to know when Erin recruited me that I’d sleep even less?

I finally decided enough was enough; it’s summer, summer session is over, fall semester hasn’t started yet, I was going to take some well deserved time to watch the Olympics. So far I’ve seen some women’s beach volleyball, men’s and women’s team gymnastics and LOTS of swimming. I think it would be really cool to train for the Olympics, so far, all I can tell is that Michael Phelps and I have completely opposite body types. He’s just over 6’, I’m just over 6”. He’s got muscular arms and a six pack, I’ve got noodle arms and a keg shaped body. I think the real deciding factor in my Olympian status is not my body type or ability, but if I can afford one of those special speedy swim suits...anybody know if they make one that's actually self propelled?


Erin said...

Hey Quinn! I was getting worried you haven't checked in a while. Sorry, those details about your extended duties were in the fine print.

And I think you could take that Phelps guy. You look pretty fast in those goggles.

Justin said...

I was thinking pretty scary. Although I do think you could suck up all the water with your coat and that might make things difficult for Phelps.

Quinn said...

Good idea justin! Let's just see how fast Mr. Phelps is in a pool with no water left in it

Erin said...

But can you walk faster filled with water than Phelps?